Is it possible to order shoes from one place? Scroll down to read more about this website’s legitimacy.

Shopping from any corner of the globe is now possible through a variety of websites. claims that it sells shoes for both men as well as women.

When you search for the domain name, animated footsteps appear around the title. The website delivers shipments to all parts of the globe, including the United States.

Read this Summersuepost before jumping into the shopaholic lane.

Summersue: What is it?

The website ‘’ is a B2C eCommerce website that sells shoes for men and woman. The website’s mission states that it is a transparent, simple and quick destination for buyers. The website was established on January 27, 2022. A variety of shoes are available for sale with discounts upto 50%

There are two categories for the website. One is for men and one is for women. The website also provides information to the viewers on when and where they last shopped. Simply fill out the information, then add the item to your cart, and finally, pay the necessary amount. It makes this website a popular shopping destination.

We have a list of Is Summersue Legal to help you avoid falling for scam websites.

What is Summersue’s specification?

  • Domain Age – 27/01/2022
  • Website link –
  • Category – Solely and Footwear
  • Email – Wahl [email protected]
  • Exchange Policy – Not mentioned
  • Shipping Policy – Based at shipping method (Free, Standard)
  • Delivery Policy: Processing time is one business day, plus transport time depending on the location
  • Newsletter – not provided
  • Contact Number – not Available
  • Payment Options: Debit Card, PayPal or Credit Card
  • Return policy – Within seven business days of purchase
  • Refund Policy – Dealt by customer services

Summersue may be a useful tool to discover whether you should shop on the site.

What can Summersue do for you?

  • Customers can choose to have standard or urgent transportation services, such UPS or DHL.
  • Attractive discount rates.
  • Mention suggestions, new arrivals, filters such as Low-to-high.
  • Site that can be easily operated.

What’s the downside to Summersue?

  • Customer is responsible for all transportation delays and any expense or damage.
  • Shop for limited designs
  • Information about refund policy is not complete.
  • There is no mention made of the contact number or address.

Is Summersue Legit?

This section will provide you with several indicators to help determine whether a website has been legitimately created. Here are some criteria that will help you understand the purpose of a website. You can either scam people or actually serve the shoppers.

  • Domain Age: The domain was created on 27/01/2022.
  • Domain Expiry date – 27/01/2023. This is the expiration day of the website.
  • Plagiarized content- All uploaded content is plagiarized.
  • Social media Links – We do not provide any social media links.
  • Customer Reviews – The Summersue Review website doesn’t have a section for such reviews.
  • Policies – Unclear and roughly written policies.
  • Originality of the address – No provided address.
  • Trust Score – The e-commerce website received a score of 1%. This is an awfully low trust score.
  • Trust Rank- This website holds the lowest trust score of 0.
  • Owner’s information: No information of the owner made publicly available on the site.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – The discount can go all the way to 50% and nearly every product has value.

We can see that the website is suspect based on the details we have seen. So, do research well.

Customer Summersue Reviews

This e-commerce platform, which sells shoes , has not seen much traffic or popularity.

We found out that the website had been poorly designed and received no feedback or reviews from customers. It also has 16 products per category, which seems suspicious.

The Bottom Line

What do you think of the website? Please leave comments in the section below to let us know what you thought of our summersue Reviews. has never been found to be involved in malicious search engine results. It is not trustworthy, however. Overall, the website indicates that it is ‘Highly Risk’.