Are you looking forward for the summer concert season? The plethora musical artists flooding outdoor venues is something that you are most excited about. There’s good news for you. The summer 2022 lineup was announced on 29th April 2022.

SummerJam concerts are a must-attend event for many music lovers around the world, including those from the United States. Tickets often sell out quickly. The 2018 Summer Jam Lineupfeatured many of the top artists from around the world with lots of surprises for their fans. Let’s get to know more.

Information about the Summer jam 2022

This music event brings together some of the most prominent performers from corporate and independent music scenes to provide an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Fivio will play on the Summer Jam Big stage with Shenseea, Lil Baby and Pusha T. Radio station will also honour the legacy of late DJ Kay Slay through an unique artistic honor.

Summer Jam 2020 NYC

Hot 97 is a Nyc broadcaster that revealed the lineup to its annual Summer Jam event. The event will feature several Hip-Hop artists. This event will take place on June 12, at Met Life Field in New York City. Fivio will lead it, and a few other unannounced performers will perform on the Big Stage.

BabyFaceRay’s Nardo Wick will perform at Hot 97’s Concert Festival Stage. It has a tradition to highlight young talent.

People’s Response to June Jam Lineup 2020

It’s a time no one wants, with two stages as well as countless stars. However, everyone is prepared for the challenge and cannot wait to share an exceptional lineup of concerts featuring musicians who are shaping our industry.

Live Updates in HOT97 app

The launch of HOT 97, the upgraded application that allows users to access the most popular hip-hop radio and all its incredible programming from anywhere, will be the catalyst for the program release.

The Ebro will keep you informed with news headlines and unique pieces, streaming video, interviews, and other information on June Jam Lineup 2022. App members will also be eligible to enter into unique competitions, receive goods, and win awards, such as Summer Jam 2022 passes. The network is also planning to offer real-time video broadcasting, chat support and live streaming with its stars.


Summers celebrates the rising temperature by throwing more music festivals each year. MetLife Stadium on Sunday, 12 June 2012. The United States community is eagerly awaiting this event.

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