In the kids camp in Singapore there is a lot of things that allow children not only to fully and actively relax, but also to develop:

  • busy daily routine (many movements, no time for the phone)
  • active sports (outdoors, new experiences, teamwork, impressions)
  • a variety of creative forms (expanding one’s boundaries, creative development, the joy of the process, overcoming fears, embarrassments, worries)
  • communication with children and adults of different ages (social experience)
  • living away from relatives in a new team (socialization, development of independence)

But there are also no obvious advantages of resting in a children’s camp before a vacation without a team. This is a hug! Yes, yes, you heard right.

Hugging improves their mental and physical health. During hugs, muscles relax and blood circulation stabilizes, the production of the hormone oxytocin increases, which in turn boosts the immune system, making us more resistant to diseases and infections.

In the camp, we fulfill the monthly, if not the annual norm of hugs in one shift, and sometimes we don’t even think about how lucky we are that we are not alone, friends are nearby, someone is happy for us, we have someone to share joy and sadness with, we there is always someone to hug – whether it be a friend in the squad, a counselor or a director. Hug your family and friends, friends and mentors, pets and teddy bears. The ones you can hug right now. The ones you love and appreciate.

What can vacations in a modern summer camp give a child?

SKILLS and NEW positive experience

Among the advantages of resting in summer camps, it should be noted that their modern programs contribute to the formation of independence skills. Children on change go through many competitions, competing with other children, learn to win, take responsibility for themselves and their team, gain new knowledge and develop faster.

There are currently many project camps in Ukraine. This means that during the shift, campers will receive a range of useful skills that will definitely become them in their future adult life. Also at the end of every shift of any project camp is the end product of a well-spent time at the camp. For example, a film was shot and edited, a fashion show, a gala concert, a presentation of a social project or startup, etc.


In the camp, children find like-minded people, exchange information, learn to communicate with different age categories. Thanks to modern techniques that help create a friendly atmosphere in the camp. Acquaintances grow into a real long-term friendship. After the shift, the children continue to communicate with each other, see each other, and even come together for a change. Having visited once a summer children’s camp, a child can easily expand the circle of his acquaintances to the borders of the whole country and not lose touch with them.