Do you feel worried about winter coming? Do you look forward to finding beauty products that can help your skin withstand the harsh climate changes? This topic is about a website that sells all sorts of skincare products.

The website will quickly become popular among people in the United States, and people searching for So, we will analyse its reviews in depth for our readers. The following information will provide you with the right information.

What does mean? offers beauty products online. It offers a huge selection of beauty products including:-toners, serums, essences sunscreen, hair, and other body products. The website claims that each product is lab tested and has no harmful component. While its products are safe to use and are 100% legal, customers want to verify that is legit .

To get realities-

  • Website URL–
  • Website created on- 13/01/2014
  • Website Life span is 13.01.2022
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Telephone number – (+852)-8192-747
  • Specialized address- B-102 Block-B., 10/F. International Ind. Building. Building.
  • Delivery policyDepending upon the destination, delivery times vary from 7 to 12, 14 to 21, and 21- 30 days respectively.
  • The delivery fee – This is determined by the shipping strategy. It costs $4.99
  • Free Delivery This is based upon individual shipping. It offers free shipping on orders greater than $9.99 and $3.99.
  • We found a 14-days return procedure.
  • Refund Policy After processing of the entire inspection report.
  • Social media Ids – Studying ,buyers located its well-known promotional page on social networks that many buyers have followed.
  • Return shipping charges- The shop will be responsible for the payment.
  • Payment Modes– The site accepts MasterCard or Visa for online payments.

  • All of our beauty, skin and body care products can be purchased at a discounted rate.
  • Every policy necessary to attract customers can be found on the website.
  • Buyers will find an official address and a valid phone number so they can quickly contact the store manager.

Drawbacks –

  • It has kept its owner’s identity a secret.

Is Legit?

While buyers find all of the information on the website’s official fact, we know there will be many online shopping sites. It can be hard to identify which website is authentic and which are fake. However, there are some key points that you should check to confirm the authenticity of the website. It is possible to avoid fraud online by conducting a proper website review.

  • Website age: It was established on 13/01/2014. It’s 8-years, 7-30s, and 18-days old.
  • Trust ScoreBased on Review, we discovered that the website had a trust score below 31%.
  • Social Media IDs- To scroll further down, all social media chief handler icons are located at the bottom of this website.
  • We found a valid address.
  • Telephone Number: There are many numbers that you can call to get in touch with the customer service representative at this website.
  • The percentage of piracy in100% content.
  • Irrational Coupons-It offers a 50% discount on most items
  • Websites Owner:It hides your name as the website holder.
  • Alexa Rating-On Alexa the rank is at #22175 for the last 90-days.
  • Policies These pages provide information about all the required procedures. Reviews-

This website is part the beauty industry which sells all types of beauty products. However, we came up with a solid strategy for social media publicity. We received negative feedback upon reviewing the strategy. One client was unhappy with the service they provide and claimed it wasn’t trustworthy. Another client is unhappy that the order was not processed, despite them having ordered it three months earlier.

Also, make sure to do additional research before you go.


We performed an inadept investigation on Our findings were that trust is low and portal services are poorly reviewed.