The need of WiFi is as important as electricity and water. Every second service provider installs a modem or router that stays untouched for ages in a corner of your house. Here are some easy and effective ways to solve common yet major WiFi issues. Keep reading!

Better Placement

This is one of the effective ways to improve the coverage of your WiFi network. 4 out of 5 users prefer placing their router/ modem in a corner of their house. Doing so will minimize your internet limits. So, the best place to keep your router/ modem is in the center location of your home so that it provides an unbeatable coverage throughout your home. Also, it is suggested to keep your router/ modem away from the interference causing devices like cordless phones base station, other routers/ modem, microwave, Bluetooth devices/ speakers, and baby monitors.

Netgear Router: Better Range

Unless you live in a small room or an apartment, the router provided by your service provider will not be able to provide you adequate internet coverage across your home. To improve your WiFi coverage, the simpler way is to use a Netgear router. Your Netgear device gets configured easily if you follow the exact setup instructions. Once set up successfully, you will experience the change in your internet like never before.

Guest Networks

Do you have friends and relatives coming over for a get together and keep asking for your WiFi password? Are you not confortable to share your WiFi password? Well, the best solution for this is to enable a guest network on your Netgear router with a separate password. Access the routerlogin page, navigate to the Wireless tab and click on the “Guest network” option. You can set a unique SSID, set a WiFi password and even limit the number of users who can access your WiFi network. Moreover, your Netgear router also gives you an option to block and remove an unknown connected device. In this way, you can protect your router’s WiFi from freeloaders.

Anyone Else is using Your WiFi!

Have you ever changed the default Netgear router login password? The password/ network key might be the same when your router was first installed. You might have shared your router’s password with your friends or relatives during a party at your home. This means some might be stealing your bandwidth, leading to slow internet speed. The best way to prevent this is to change your router’s WiFi password regularly – once in 3 months should be good enough.

Do You Have a Multi-Function Netgear Router?

Have a quick glance at the ports of your Netgear router. On the off chance if you see a USB port, your Netgear router can do more than just broadcasting WiFi signals. Well, depending on your Netgear router’s model, the USB port can be used to connect any external hard drive or a printer. Apart from this, you can also connect your smart HDTV to your Netgear router and enjoy streaming uninterrupted Amazon or Netflix series.

Update the Router’s Firmware

To fix slow internet issue, updating Netgear router’s firmware is one of the best options to consider. Not only updating your device’s firmware fixes slow internet connectivity but also it will add new features to your device whenever you update it. To get the latest firmware on your Netgear router, log in to its admin panel via, search for the latest updates, and if you see the new firmware version available, get it done by following the given instructions.

Note: In the event that you encounter with not working issue, get it fixed by using instead. This is known as the default IP of your Netgear router and it can also be used as a URL.