Being stressed out can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. When you’re in an anxious state, it’s easy to lose control, feel drained, and experience all the scary symptoms of an anxiety attack. Being able to cope effectively is the key to overcoming your anxiety and lessen the symptoms. You’re about to discover some powerful strategies to naturally get yourself back on track and overcome your biggest anxiety attacks.

This is What Happens When You Deal With Anxiety
Being in the middle of an anxiety attack can cause nausea, fatigue, increased heart rate, shaking, and generally a more heightened sense of fear. It can also lead downwards to stress and even depression, but the goal is for it to never get that bad. These natural solutions can help get you ahead of the game and beat out what you are going through.

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Start Journaling to Release
Journaling is such a powerful tool to release anxious and intrusive thoughts. Being able to put down what you’re feeling and thinking can allow you to let go of the overcrowding thoughts. There are three journaling strategies you can try using: Overcoming Overwhelm, Journaling Prompts, and Emotional Healing.

The Overcoming Overwhelm strategy involves jotting down every thought on your mind. Include everything from fearful thoughts to things you are trying to get done. Just laying it all out can allow for you to clear out your thoughts. The Journaling Prompts technique involves using different prompts to inspire you to write down different thoughts. The Emotional Healing technique is simply writing out your emotions that are burdening you. Make it clear what you are feeling and be honest when you journal it down.

Start Moving Your Body
When you’re anxious and stressed, the last thing you want to do is get up and be active. However, sometimes moving your body is the best way to release the energy throughout your body. Exercise helps release endorphins that naturally get your body to feel better. When you find yourself in a good headspace, make a list of all the things you can do to remain active even when you’re not feeling your best. Going for a walk, a quick jog around the neighborhood, stretching, or even traditional weight lifting at the gym are all great solutions for getting your body to move. Keep it a consistent goal to be active and you’ll naturally get your serotonin levels lifted.

Keep A Schedule
It’s oftentimes considered a triumph to be so busy that you overworked yourself and have only been getting three to five hours of sleep. As great as it feels to be so productive, it can put a damper on your sleep which can sadly affect how you feel overall as a person. Schedule out your day so you have a solid schedule where you get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep means you are allowing your body time to heal. Keeping a schedule and a routine in general is great for your mental health. It reinforces structure and balance.

Have a morning and a nighttime routine that you follow consistently, because it’s healthy for the brain and helps prevent anxiety from growing. Keeping a balanced diet is extremely important on top of sleep. Whether it’s remaining hydrated, taking your vitamins and organic ashwagandha to help with proper wellness, and simply having a well-balanced diet all come together to help you feel your best.

Stay in the Present Moment
A big problem for most people who deal with anxiety is a strong ability to daydream about future outcomes and relive past experiences. It’s a blessing and a curse to have such vivid imaginations being able to conjure up feelings that are happening in a different moment. The problem for most anxious people is they’re living in a different moment other than the one right now.

When you’re going through a panic attack, ask yourself the following questions: Am I safe exactly where I am? Is there anything physically bad happening right now? If the answers are “no,” start asking yourself the following questions: What am I feeling and thinking about? Am I thinking of a past experience or dreading a potential bad outcome? If you answered “yes” to both scenarios, start questioning your thought process. Questioning yourself is the key to transforming your brain’s way of thinking to come back to the present moment. If you can get yourself to be present, you are golden and can get out of any anxious attack.

Stress and anxiety don’t have to be impossible to overcome. If you follow these tips, you can be well on your way to overcoming any kind of anxiety you may have to go through. You can also add a baicalin supplement to your diet, which can give you an important boost in the fight with anxiety. The key is to have a solid foundation to guide you and prevent such attacks from taking place while also having a plan of action in case they do happen. These are all-natural solutions that can help you feeling your best and beating out any future stress.

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