It is human nature to complain about things more than appreciating blessings. That’s why we hear more tragic stories in our daily lives rather than encouraging ones. It is the common practice among humans that they tell everyone about their tragic stories to get sympathies while only a few successful people share their stories.

Never forget that luck is not so merciful for everyone and sometimes you have to work for it.You can either win by luck or your determination to achieve something can also make you successful. So, let’s begin with our stories. Statistics show that more than 50% of lottery winners spend their jackpot in the first year after winning, according to

Moreover, winners are not always selfish, people have also given their winnings to charities.

UK 49s is drawn twice in a day. First draw is known as lunchtime results which are drawn at noon 12:49 PM daily.

1. A Man Who Won the Lottery Seven Times ― A Wise and Strategic Picker

Did you know that there is a man who lives in Florida named Richard Lustig, he won the lottery seven times and is hoping to win more in the coming time.In his winnings, there is a mega jackpot of over $842,000 and also a grand prize costing up to $98,000.

You can guess only from these two lotteries that to which standard he must be raised by winning lotteries. It is only about two! There are five more!.

According to him, his life was completely changed and if he is looking some 5 to 10 years back, he can see that his life is entirely changed.

Now you must be wondering how it is possible. Or you might be thinking that this is not true but just a fictional story. But you are wrong, this is a real story of a man.

Then, the question arises that if it is so then how? So, what is mentions is that he knows tricks. He just applied some tricks and made some calculations and he won. Now he believes that his calculations work because he has won multiple times.

After all, he does not believe himself to be a lucky person because he won by trick, not luck. Moreover, he even wrote a book in which he shared his trick to some extent. He mentions one factor is that he repeat the same numbers!.

2. Single Parent of Five children ― A story of LUCK!

 Cynthia P. Staffordwas a single mother of five children which humble background. Later on, her brother died in an accident. So, she has to look after her old father in his ending times.

It was tough for her to raise five children and a father because of log income. She thought of buying a lottery ticket in the hope of winning and she did so. She started daydreaming about winning a $112 million jackpot.Not only did she start dreaming but started struggling to win that prize.

She did all methods to attract luck and win. And finally, she won the same prize that brought ease to her life. In her case, she believes in luck and the law of attraction.

3. A Lottery Winner Who Donates His Whole Earning― In Memory of His Wife

Tom Christ lost his wife Anna, who was 44 years when she died of cancer. Tom didn’t havea very rich background but he was well settled. One day he received a call from official Canadians to let him know that he has won $40 million.

Instead of making a big plan like others, he thought of donating the whole jackpot for fighting against cancer. He does not want others to bear the pain of losing their loved ones like him.

Last words:

I have told you three stories that are quite different from one another. There is a role of luck, the role of tricks, and determination in winning. So, now It’s your turn to test your skills and luck.