In Storeigo Reviews we will determine the legitimacy of this website, so if you come across such a website, this article is right for you.

Have you come across a scam website? Did you buy from a scam website?

Falling for a scam website is terrible, but buying from a scam website can be your worst mistake. Consumers in USA want to know more about this website because people are curious about it.

Scam websites are all over the Internet. It is up to consumers to be vigilant and identify a fraudulent website on the spot. So if you are one of the victims of a scam website read this whole article because in the end your knowledge about scam website will increase!

Storeigo Reviews; on the site

The website is an online e-commerce store that offers products in the following categories; men, women, children, home and life, car accessories, electronics, outdoor and pets.

The website offers discounts on a few products, which are listed on the website’s home page. Detailed information about each product is available, as well as the number of people currently viewing the product and the number of products sold and remaining.

Products of different types ranging from colors to shapes and also variety are listed on the website. In all categories there are discounted products and the savings amount is also displayed.

Storeigo Reviews; Characteristics

• The website is an online store offering all types of products and accessories.

• The following link can help to view the online store;

• The website’s shipping policy states that the delivery time is between 7 and 14 working days.

• Shipping costs to the United States are $ 4.95 and to other regions, $ 7.95.

• The exchange is available, but the website does not provide details.

• The cancellation policy is not acceptable; changes to shipping policy can be made within 12 hours of order being placed.

• The return policy is 30 working days and no more than that.

• According to Storeigo reviews, the refund is only available if the website approves the return after meeting the criteria and the refund process is completed within seven business days.

• The website has provided a support form and a contact email address, that is; [email protected].

• The website provided a return address, namely, Futang Road, 3rd Floor, Zone B, No.47, Songgang Street, Tangxiayong, Baoan District, Guandong Province, Shenzhen.

• The website accepts payment via Visa, Master Card and PayPal.

• The website was registered on May 7, 2020.

Benefits of buying from the website

• The website offers a wide variety of products with incredible discounts.

• The website offers attractive products with detailed information on each product.

Cons of buying from this website

• The website did not display any social networking links.

• No contact number is displayed.

• There is no space for reviews on the website.

Is the website legitimate or not?

Consumers ask only one question, namely; Is Storeigo legitimate?

The website has all the negative reviews on trusted platforms, the website age is two years old, but the reviews have a different thing to say. The website’s trust score is appalling even though the website is secured by HTTPS; the website has terrible reviews.

The images used on the website look real, but some are still unclear. In addition, the website does not have a social media presence or links provided by the website.

The return address provided by the website does not show good results on Google Maps. Some of the website policies are very suspicious, mainly regarding the shipping policy.

What are people saying on the website?

Is Storeigo Legit; customers have posted their dissatisfaction with the website on various online platforms. Many complained that the product was not received while some complained that the products are taking too long to be delivered.

Many reviewers also mention that returns are not possible at all, and few say the website is a total scam. According to our research, we haven’t come across any positive reviews.


We would like to warn our readers not to fall in love with this website as there are no great reviews available on the internet. The group of buyers who tried this website had nothing but losses.

Storeigo Reviews asks readers not to buy anything from this site.