We all know that we are approaching the end of the global crisis. This pandemic has taught us everything about our hygiene, our relationships, and most importantly, how much time is needed.

In this article, we’ll talk about Stopworldcontrol com Leonardo, a website used in the United States that claims to be helping those in need as well as taking harsh action against leaders controlling the world. To learn more about it, keep reading this article.

Most people have lost their jobs and loved ones due to this virus. But have we ever thought about the “who will compensate the person who is going through it all?” Have we ever thought that this pandemic might be a planned catastrophe by some country that wants to be the greatest of all?

A brief description of the website.

Stopworldcontrol com Leonardo tackles all global problems with a different approach. In addition, it also offers the option of transferring money that can solve social problems. The website shows some facts that some 600 Spanish doctors are calling this pandemic as planned and made for political gain. One of the astonishing facts that this organization has come to light is that the kits used in COVID-19 were purchased in the millions between 2017 and 2018, while the pandemic began in 2019.

Plans to control everyone.

Stopworldcontrol com Leonardo is a website created by David Sorensen that questions various events around the world. For example, he claims that this pandemic is just a joke and a way for world leaders to stage world reality. In passing, we came across content that claims post vaccination. Certain nanotechnology will be injected into your bodies so that the government has all the information about the activities you are doing.

The theories David claims on the website.

Stopworldcontrol com Leonardo has published several other conspiracy theories on its website, other than the COVID-19 pandemic. He claims that the recently concluded presidential elections in the United States were scheduled. The Russian government was involved; otherwise Trump would have easily defeated Biden by a significant lead. All these theories have no proof whatsoever and are merely David’s claims to attract more readers.

Final verdict.

While the website mentions that the facts have been checked and all content available on the website is 100% lawful, finding that such conditions are difficult. On the homepage of the site, David is asking his readers for a little courage, as the truth will be bitter.

All the blame created by Stopworldcontrol com Leonardo needs reliable support to support his beliefs. To keep these facts, you need to provide some scientific evidence; otherwise, tensions may arise between different countries. We advise our readers to believe only those facts that come with an explanation and not fall into the trap of trusting unknown conspiracy theorists. Your feedback on the article is highly appreciated in the comments section below.


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