Stop medical discrimination. com – Hey! We all have all been through the COVID-19 pandemic; it was a difficult phase. Many lost their lives; even that had a negative effect on economic and financial conditions. Finally, vaccinations are spread around the world, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The content here provides complete information about the website, allowing you to sign a petition to stop the person’s immunization attempts. Do you want to know more? Then continue reading the article to the end.

What is Stopmedicaldiscrimination. com?

According to the survey, the website’s domain age is dated 12/11/2020, which is just a few months. It was developed primarily to protect medical privacy. Every person needs medical equality, no one can put pressure on a person to undertake experimental vaccinations at all costs.

So the website was created to speak out against the attack and protect humanity.


The petition aims to stop compulsory experimental vaccines. He firmly states that no one should be forced to follow medication. This poses a real threat. Some public and private communities, including airlines, employees, institutions, are forced to take medications; this type of threat is unethical and offensive.

It is your responsibility to raise your voice and resist acting under pressure. So the Stopmedicaldiscrimination. com is made by Americans to help many people around the world.

About the band

The American Frontline Doctors team is taking a significant step to stop heavy vaccination in order to experiment with the patient. The team needs everyone’s support to prevent people from being intimidated into receiving experimental vaccines, because everyone deserves medical privacy and equality.

Do you want to sign a petition?

If you wish to sign a petition, please follow the simple steps listed below;

• Go to the official website of Stopmedicaldiscrimination. com. Scroll down until you find the blue “sign petition” button.

• Hit the button; the form will be displayed on the screen.

• Enter your name, e-mail address, zip code, phone number and address including zip code.

• Select the country you belong to.

• Click the “Submit” button to sign the petition form.

Total number of signatures collected to date

As mentioned on the website, the total number of signatures registered on the site worldwide is 297,824. The team is active on various social networks that you can follow and receive updated information.


We are together in this crisis and we will go through this difficult stage together. The US team of doctors Frontline created a portal to strengthen the voices of concerned patients around the world to oppose a potent experimental vaccine to try them out. It is a good initiative taken by humanitarian action to speak out against medical discrimination.

More information can be found on the official website; follow the steps above to sign the petition if you wish.

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