Stophr127 com: Do you see this url on your social media? Has anyone asked you to sign the STOP HR127 petition? Weapon checks are essential as weapons can be killed within seconds. Therefore, the government has to approve an arm for a person with sufficient responsibility. You can read more details about the new arms law and petitions in our post.

The United States reported the maximum number of homicides and legal meetings in 2020. The Congresswoman intends to petition for control of gun owners who will obey the new law. She asks for support in her petition. We develop new guidelines in our article. Therefore, please read it to the end!

What is Stophr127 com?

This is the ORG site that is dedicated to signing petitions. HR127 is believed to be a dangerous arms control law that could quickly destroy the freedom amendments. That’s why the Congresswoman asks us to say BIG NO to such a dangerous law to protect ourselves and everyone around us.

What will the new law illustrate?

When visiting the ORG website, you will see a form in which you must provide real data. However, it also discusses a bill that:

• Mandatory registration of weapons and ammunition in the United States.

• Stophr127 says the new draft prohibits the use of 50-caliber ammunition.

• You need a gun owner who passes a mental health test to buy ammunition or a gun!

• It is forbidden to sell or use magazines that contain more than ten rounds of ammunition.

• Enable the “National Ammunition Register” to know who has the guns and ammunition.

• Require owners to have liability insurance.

• An order for an annual payment of $ 800 for those with ammunition or guns.

What does the petition say?

The petition says that if the new law is passed, US citizens will lose their freedom. It also suggests that some points are important enough but others are not. The congressional party is working hard to repeal the petition “Stophr127”. However, the congresswoman is ready to fight the new law and protect everyone’s freedom.


The Congresswoman also asks you to visit the website of the American Firearms Association and fight the anti-American agenda. He helps US citizens and asks for a favor in return by signing the petition.

Final thoughts:

Do you refer to the Congresswoman’s struggle with the new HR127 Act? If you can relate to her we suggest you sign the petition. You can find all relevant petition receipts and new HR127 receipts on the website “Stophr127 com”. This petition is a fight against many laws or government agency. Please check the website, read the details, and share your feedback with us!