Are you worried about the trackers in a popular game of words? We will help you understand the entire details surrounding the process of tracking and then evaluate the other pertinent points related to this subject.

Word game lovers who hail from New Zealand, Australia, India and Australia, India United States, and the United Kingdom are eager to learn about the tracking feature which may not be a feature that users would like to have to deal with.

Ad-trackers can be used for marketing purposes. let’s look at and analyze the options to block Wordle from being tracked.

about Wordle Tracking

A post on Forbes on February 19th, 2022 by cyber-expert Davey Winder raised concern among thousands of Wordle users about the methods used to track ads currently employed by Wordle.

Wordle was subject to numerous changes after it was acquired in the hands of The New York Times from the developer Josh Wardle for a whopping seven figures. The first was ad trackers being used to make money from the huge web traffic.

David Winder also mentioned detecting various trackers that could be in play while playing Wordle on a browser. Additionally he included the images of the ad trackers with his post about The Stope Game.

What is the reason Wordle popular?

  • Wordle is a popular word game created and developed by Josh Wardle, gained popularity following its launch in October 2021.
  • Wordle’s word game gameplay impressed fans across the world and the traffic to the site increased with each passing day.
  • Josh Wardle was the publisher from October 2021 through January 2022.
  • The game begins by giving the player with a meaningful five-letter word.
  • The player has to finish the word game in six attempts.
  • The game has three colors that help guide the correct answers and assist the player with clues. The colors are green, yellow and grey.

Stope Wordle

  • Ad-trackers are a common feature in the field of digital marketing and advertising websites that are monetizing traffic are likely to employ trackers often.
  • also reported on the presence of trackers during wordle games.
  • The introduction of trackers from The New York Times on Wordle hasn’t affected gaming experience, or hasn’t disrupted the seamless gaming experience until now.
  • Numerous tricks and tips are available to ensure that you don’t get caught by Wordle.

How do I block Wordle Trackers for Ads?

  • The mobile users are able to install tracker blockers which will immediately block trackers. Let’s take a deeper study of the processes within the Stope Wordle.
  • IOS users can make use of web browsers like Safari browsers. This prevents greatly in keeping trackers off. In addition, you can use browser extensions to stop trackers.
  • Another easy way to avoid being tracked is to play Wordle offline. Disable your mobile’s data and then enjoy playing your favorite game without worrying about being monitored.


A majority of websites employ Ad-trackers to improve their advertising and marketing aspects that are associated with the content of the site.

Have you tried implementing the suggestions and tricks mentioned in the above article to stop Wordle? If yes, then please leave a leave a comment below.