If you have an interest in stock marketing and investments, you probably know how difficult it is to find the right resources for your investment. So Stockcompiler com is designed to simplify the process for stockbrokers and investors.

It is an online platform for checking all popular stocks for investment. The website removes all the burdens associated with the process of finding the right resources for investment. It provides live information on various stocks which are popular and profitable for investment.

US residents use this site to screen the latest assets for investments and get higher returns on them. So let’s start to understand more.

What is Stockcompiler com?

Stockcompiler.com is a website for stockbrokers who don’t want to search for a suitable investment option. It takes all the hassle out and works on your behalf to check the latest social media posts to find the right stocks for investment.

Users must register with the site to receive live inventory alerts. The website checks thousands of social media posts every day and reports on the most popular stock market indices in the United States.

It notifies users via email when a new ticker appears on the exchanges. From analyzing the sentiment of social media posts to people’s reactions to shares and more, you’ll get notified of everything to make the right investment in shares. So sign up on Stockcompiler com if you want to stay up to date with stock market trends.

How do I register on Stockcompiler.com?

Investors must follow a few simple steps to complete the registration process on the website. Below is a step-by-step guide to registering on the website to start getting notified about popular stock symbols.

• Users must visit the official website of Stockcompiler.com.

• The home page contains a registration button.

• Click the registration button and you will be redirected to the next registration page.

• Provide a valid e-mail address, card number, choose your country of origin and click “Subscribe”.

• Remember that users must subscribe to notifications for a fee of $ 9.99 per month.

• The services at Stockcompiler com are not free and incur a service fee. However, users have the option to renew and cancel.

Users must follow these steps to complete the registration process and start receiving notifications of stock symbols trends for investments. It also gives them free access to the latest investment channels on the home page of the site.

Is it legal or a scam?

We analyzed the site and found that it is over six months old and has a com domain extension. In addition, no active threats are detected on the Internet or reported by users. So the site seems safe to browse, and the investment channels.

However, we suggest that readers carefully analyze the Stockcompiler com file before signing up so as not to get fooled, as during our research we also found the site’s trust index to be 8%.


This is a website for investors who wish to receive notifications of the latest and rising investment symbols. However, there is a paid subscription. Hence, it is suggested that users study the site carefully and know its value before signing up and investing money in a subscription. Are you already using Stockcompiler com for alerts and investment channels? Please share your experiences with other users in the comments section.


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