A website can be of any type. It can be a corporate website, personal websites, community building websites, blogging websites, informational websites, e-commerce websites, etc. When we say e-commerce, famous names such as Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Jabong, etc. comes in our mind.

The e-commerce websites are not only some sites that sell clothes, accessories, electronics, furniture, etc. There are some e-commerce websites which are customized. These e-commerce sites offer only a particular type of products. The market of e-commerce in India is estimated to generate revenue of $100 billion by the year 2021. E-commerce market has gained huge popularity in very less time because of its amazing features. Every e-commerce site has hundreds of categories including fashion, children, home appliances, furniture, electronic items, etc. These sites also have filter options in which users can filter according to price, color, size, etc.

Traditionally, every item was bought from shops and it took a lot of time. E-commerce has reduced this problem. Another good part of shopping through e-commerce is that users get to read reviews of other users. Have you ever noticed that any e-commerce site has a lot of content? Also, the data of users is stored in the database is huge. How do they manage all the content? Well, there is a lot of content management systems present in the market. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

About Magento –

Magento is nothing but an e-commerce platform and content management system built on open source technology. Online merchants can get a shopping cart facility, and control over the layout, content, and functionality of their online store. It offers different powerful tools such as marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management. Magento is known for developing the best e-commerce sites. Magento enables online merchants to sell thousands of products and tackle with complex customer behavior. It works like an app since non-developers can quickly understand Magento and adapt it. The best part is that it is developed with PHP programming language.

Benefits of using Magento:

  • It is easy to install and add additional layouts and plugins in Magento
  • Get flexible, scalable e-commerce solutions with Open source technology
  • Effective and cost sensitive program
  • Allows for various discounts and promotions during check-out in an e-commerce site
  • Offers more than 50 payment gateways

5 Sources to find and hire Magento developers-

If you think that it’s good to hire Magento developer rather than hiring a Magento agency then there are many options where you can find a good developer with work reviews.

1. Elance– Elance is a web portal where thousands of freelance developers search for projects. It helps organizations search for the best by providing various parameters such as reviews, points earned, skill levels, locations, experiences, etc. On the basis of these parameters, recruiters can easily get the best Magento developers to build a classy e-commerce website.

2. Freelancer– Freelancer is another web portal like Elance. It too has numerous Magento developers and recruiters. Freelancer offers an easy payment method and filters such as experience, number of projects handled, etc. Both; recruiter, as well as freelance Magento developer, needs to pay a certain percent of the amount to Freelancer as a part of the commission.

3. We Work Remotely– When you are looking for a freelancer who is not going to work in your office as full-time employees, how can you miss We Work Remotely? Many big companies hire developers who work remotely as a part of the project. It saves time and cost of the company. There are plenty of good Magento developers present on We Work Remotely. It requires 299 US dollars per month to post a job on We Work Remotely.

4. Magento Certification Directory-

Magento certification directory is another good place to find skilled Magento developers. As the name suggests, all the developers are certified. You will get individual Magento developers and not Magento development companies.

5. Magento service provider companies-

A. The Ninehertz: The Ninehertz is an Indian company that develops amazing mobile apps, web apps, etc. The Ninehertz has experienced resources that work on Magento to develop e-commerce websites for client organizations. The team uses all the latest tools and technologies and follow the latest trends to develop amazing e-commerce websites. They offer Magento migration, Magento theme development, Magento store optimization, Magento version upgrade, third-party API integration, etc. These services are necessary to build an all-rounder e-commerce website that is easy to understand and use.

B. Data EximIT: Data EximIT is another good company in India that offers the best Magento development services to clients globally. Data EximIT comes under the top Magento development companies in India.

It offers:

  • Magento Store Development
  • Magento Theme Design
  • Magento Mobile App Development, Design & Integration
  • Magento Extension Development & Integration
  • Magento Custom Module Development
  • Site Migration, Maintenance & Support
  • Hire Magento Developers

C. SynapseIndia– SynapseIndia is one of the best and reliable Web and Mobile Development Companies that has been delivering quality services to global clients since the year 2001. They use Magento for e-commerce development because of its rich features which cater to business needs such as multiple store management, mobile commerce, report generation, marketing, search engine optimization and other e-retail related features. With huge experience and skilled resources, SynapseIndia has managed more than 500 clients successfully.

D. Rave Infosys– Rave Infosys is a popular Magento development company in India. It has clients from all over the world and delivers great e-commerce websites within budget. They specialize in creating responsive, interactive, secure and feature-rich eCommerce websites. They offer:

  • Magento website design & development
  • Magento theme customization
  • Magento framework
  • Magento integration with 3rd party applications
  • Magento performance optimization
  • Turn key e-commerce solutions

Steps to hiring Magento developers or Magento development companies-

1. What do you want? Freelance developers or Magento development company? Usually, if the project is related to an e-commerce website, client companies select Magento development companies as the coding is huge it is important to decide the source of hiring. Magento is very complex and must be handed over to some skilled and experienced person or company.

2. Check previous work and portfolio- No matter if you are hiring a freelance magneto developer or a Magento development company, it is essential to check previous work. Many times, companies cross verify the details of projects mentioned as the number of frauds is increasing. Many companies give fake experience documents and take the project. To avoid this fraud, it is important to check previous work and portfolio.

3. Communicate– It is a good practice to keep all the communication on emails. At the time of hiring a Magento development company, always be clear in communications. To develop an e-commerce website, a lot of things are needed. E-commerce websites are very different than other websites. Hence, mention each and every minute requirement in the required documents so that future ambiguities can be neglected. Communicating regularly will help developers work easily and without any conflicts.

4. Fix the price– Price is an influential factor. If a company is good and has done many successful projects, it might charge more than others. It is recommended to choose best and not let price influence the decision. But it does matter. Client organization must negotiate the prices. Appoint a team to research on current market prices for Magento development and accordingly set a fixed price. It is a good practice to set price initially so that no conflicts are created in the end.

Conclusion: Magento is nothing but an e-commerce platform and content management system built on open source technology. Since e-commerce websites are difficult to design and develop Magento development costs a bit more than any other content management system. Compared to any other type of websites, e-commerce website has more content and 10 times more pages. Make sure you select the best Magento development services for your e-commerce website so that more and more traffic is generated.

Social post: Elance, Freelancer, We Work Remotely, Magento certification directory is some of the best sources to find freelance Magento developers. Also, The Ninehertz, RaveInfosys, SynapseIndia, etc. are some of the best Magento development companies. To know what are the things to consider while selecting the best Magento development company, read the article.

A website can be of any type. It can be a corporate website, personal websites, community building websites, blogging websites, informational websites, e-commerce websites, etc.