What’s the first thing you wear in the morning after showering? Whatever you guess, it’s your underwear!

How about luxurious lingerie that is as smooth as silk but as tough as bamboo? Quite a comparison, right?

The following Step One underwear reviews describe one such underwear brand from Australia, which is also sold worldwide.

What is Step One underwear?

Step One Underwear is a brand that produces underwear that fits all body shapes. The product has several unique features that provide extreme user comfort.

Will you beat it? Is the underwear made of the highest quality FSC-certified bamboo?

Bamboo for underwear, it might sound weird!

However, after further research, we found that bamboo offers exceptional durability and breathability. Bamboo also has wicking properties that evaporate sweat and help you feel fresh all day long.

This underwear is perfect because it conforms to your body shape and wicks sweat away at the same time. It is also the best option for environmentally friendly people as it contains organically grown bamboo.

But is the first step underwear legal? Is it a wise decision to invest in the product? We’ll get to this part after we learn a bit more about this brand.

Types of underwear available:

• Boxers – Longer and perfect for thicker legs.

• Trunks – are shorter to fit thinner legs.

• Boxer shorts + fly – Longer and fitted to thicker legs.

Any precautions when wearing underwear?

The manufacturer claims to offer a 100% quality rating with just one precautionary measure. When wearing Step One underwear, care should be taken to wear it correctly. Wearing them inside out will invalidate any warranty claims.

Read the next sections of the Step One underwear review to find out more about this revolutionary brand.

Specifications of Step One underwear:

• Product – men’s underwear

• Available at – https://stepone.life/pages/underwear

• Available sizes – from 2XS to 6XL.

• Packaging – packed in pairs.

• Exchanges / returns – only for the first pair of unused and unworn linen within 30 days.

• Returns – 100% First Pair only.

• For information on style or size please email [email protected].

• Rebate Offers – Multiple rebate codes and coupons available on the above website.

The advantages of the first step underwear:

• They fit very well, do not roll up and are extremely comfortable.

• Exceptional durability and breathability.

• The product material has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties.

• Underwear is available in 11 sizes and many styles.

• Step One underwear reviews are sparkling.

• Comes with a 3D case for extra comfort. This feature also avoids uncomfortable wedges at the front.

• Lycra panels on the inside of the thighs make the legs slide together.

• They are available in great colors.

• The product is also environmentally friendly.

• Keeps the user cool in summer and cozy in winter.

Disadvantages of Step One underwear:

• Only available to men.

• Comes with First Pair Guarantee only.

• The cost is slightly higher.

• Cannot be tumble dried. Cold wash only recommended.

Is underwear for the first step legal?

• Popularity – very popular.

• Customer Ratings – 4.9 stars on a five-fold scale in the Trust Pilot program. 4.7 stars on another page.

• Presence in social media – on Facebook and Instagram.

All these tips prove that Step One underwear is legal.

Customer Reviews:

The underwear brand enjoys brilliant reviews from its customers on the Internet. You can even find excellent customer reviews of Step One underwear on YouTube.

Customers say the underwear is so comfortable that the wearer feels that they are not wearing anything at all.

In customer opinion, the product is not only fantastic, but the company also offers excellent delivery options.

Final Verdict:

Wow that was a nice review! We are pleased to end our article with a very positive note.

You can go ahead and place an order for Step One underwear. After all, the product is under warranty the first time.

Put simply, if you want trouble-free underwear, choose Step One Underwear.