Gmail is the most popular email service provider on the web with over one billion invoice users worldwide. If you want to get the most out of your Gmail account, you need to create a professional and compelling Gmail signature that will scan your subject and draw attention to your email even after you decide to continue reading.

Why do you need an email signature?

  1. Put your name in your name by adding a photo
  2. Makes it easier for people to find and connect with your business
  3. Help people get to know you and your business better

Add an email signature to your Gmail address

There are various ways to create an electronic signature that creates lasting ideas and leads to new business relationships. Simple and easy way to make a signature:

Step 1: Go to Gmail / Signature settings

You must first log in to your Gmail account.

And then:

  • Look for the “Gear” icon.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to the “Signature” field.

Step 2 – Enter personal information

  • Name and surname
  • Work phone number
  • Website.
  • The name of the job or profession. (In Avar’s case, his title is “Interior Designer”).

Step 3 – Adjust your data

Now is the time to determine the font, color and size of the text.

Step 4: Add the link

Direct people to your website by adding an active link.

To do this:

  • Select the text in the link.
  • Then click on the “Link” icon to add your link.
  • Enter a link of your website or portfolio.

Step 5: Add your photo

Then add your logo or picture. An image gives a great personal touch while the logo is beautiful.

As you can see from Ava’s signature, she takes pictures professionally.

When it comes to photography, remember that the job of photography is to present yourself as a professional, so choose wisely.

To add a picture:

  • Create or choose an image or logo.
  • Download the image to a host. If you do not have a host, you can choose from a number of free options.
  • Click the “Add an Image” icon (which looks like two mountains).
  • Enter the image link.
  • Adjusts image size and alignment.

Step 6 Click Save Changes

Once you’ve created your signature, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

How to create email signatures with Wizstamp?

  • Login to with your Gmail account
  • Enter the details and photo / logo
  • Add your social icons
  • Choose a template and customize it
  • Add a dynamic feature like banner or social feed
  • Click Done

Your signature will appear on each new email you create

Which email signatures should be included in Gmail?

  1. Name and surname.
  2. Your job title.
  3. Professional image or logo.
  4. Professional phone number.
  5. Links to your social profiles (LinkedIn / Facebook page)
  6. Links to your website and / or blog.

What to do and what to avoid?

A professional firm will certainly work for you, but a poorly designed firm may work against you.

Once your signature is finished, look at the examples and find out what the site does.

We suggest you start by creating the ideal social firm.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this happens more or less in the case of professional electronic signatures.

Find out if you want to add entertainment, different colors and fun offers.

But then, reduce the size of things.

Please note that your signature must not include:

Your email address

Your email. (Well, that’s not a crime, but some people have a strong idea.)

Image or quote from your professional image

Strange, fonts are hard to read

Final Words

Setting up an email signature for your email helps to make your Gmail professional. It helps to get a better response from your required audience. Better is to set up your email signature when you are creating your Gmail account. But when you are creating bulk Gmail accounts or buying bulk Gmail accounts for any business or industry purpose, it may not be possible to set up email signatures for all of your Gmail accounts.