The Disney Plus 401 error code is the worst error you can get when trying to enjoy streaming on Disney Plus. It’s not at all descriptive of what the problem is, and what’s worse, the 401 error code completely blocks you from using Disney Plus. If you run into this problem, you’re in luck: here’s what causes the error and how to fix it.

What causes the error code Disney Plus 401

Disney is frustratingly stingy about the causes of the 401 error code. The Disney Plus help page for this error simply says the error “means there was an unknown error streaming to your device. This is usually a device compatibility issue, connection failure, or account issue. “

Not very helpful, right? Maybe not directly, but narrowing down the error to a device, internet connection, or account problem actually gives us many steps to try and fix it.

How to fix it when Disney Plus is not working

How to fix Disney Plus 401

To fix Disney Plus error code 401, please follow these steps in the order presented.

1. Make sure Disney Plus is not the problem. The problem with Disney Plus may not be with your device. It’s possible Disney Plus isn’t working generally right now. So, a good place to start is to find out if the problem is with the service or something on your side.

2. Check device compatibility. As error code 401 often indicates a compatibility issue between your device and Disney Plus, the first thing to do when you get an error is to check the Disney Plus device and software compatibility list. If your device is not listed then this is your problem and you must use a different device.

3. Check your internet browser. If your device is compatible with Disney Plus, you may receive error code 401 because your internet browser is incompatible. Disney Plus supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on macOS, and Chrome on Chrome OS. Check the full list of supported versions and if your browser is not compatible, you must use one that is.

4. Check your internet connection and speed. If your internet connection isn’t working or it’s not fast enough, you can’t stream video from Disney Plus. Disney Plus Internet Speed ​​Requirements give you a good idea of ​​what speeds you need, and then you can test your Internet speed or try Internet Speed ​​Testing sites to find out if you just need to stream content from the service.

5. Restart the device. It’s a trivial troubleshooting step for a reason: it’s easy, and it works more often than not. Restarting your device might not resolve the 401 error code, but it can and is so easy and fast that it’s always worth a try.

6. Update the Disney Plus application. When new versions of an application come out, the old ones often become incompatible. This could be your problem here. If you’re using a smartphone, tablet, game console, streaming device, or Smart TV, go to the app store on your device and see if there’s an update for the Disney Plus app to install.

7. Remove and reinstall the Disney Plus application. Even if there is no update available, the problem may still be with your app. If your app has any bug or data corruption, it may cause error code 401. Completely remove the app and reinstall it to see if this fixes the problem.

8. Update your device’s firmware or operating system. Only an older version of the application can cause compatibility issues, as can running an old version of the operating system or firmware of the device. If none of the previous steps helped, check if your device has an operating system or firmware update available and install it.

Try a different account. The explanation for error code 401 from Disney is that there might be an issue with your account. All our steps so far have focused on fixing the software, but if nothing else has worked yet, your account may have a problem. Try logging in with another account that you know is working. If you can do this and you don’t receive error code 401, the problem is with your account. Check payment details and subscription status, and contact Disney Plus Support if necessary.


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