The Ukraine Russia conflict entered its 16th day. Zelenskyy has defended Kyiv up to now. This crisis began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. Ukraine initiated the Dignity revolution as a way to defend itself.

People thought that Ukraine would surrender within a week after the beginning of the conventional war. But, it is still holding onto its base. Countries like the United Kingdom Sweden and Canada support Ukraine by supplying weapons, and banning Russian products.

Starstreak and Stinger discuss foreign support, as well as its impact on war.

How Ukraine has Held on for So Long?

Experts thought that Ukraine would fall within a few days. Russia would then establish a puppet government. They captured the South and Southwest parts of Ukraine within days and Russian troops marched into them.

Zelenskyy kept calling for help, but countries such as Germany & the United States made sure that they wouldn’t send troops on ground. America and West opposed the invasion of Ukraine and placed sanctions on Russia to stop it from happening.

According to Starstreak Ukraine has defeated Russian troops by not allowing them to win. Some weapons, like MANPADS, are more effective in bringing down Russian aircraft, drones, helicopters and other aircraft.

What does Starstreak mean?

British Air Defence created Starstreak, which is a portable missile-air-defense system. It is currently one the fastest short range surface-to air missiles. Three dart submunitions make it more potent.

The American Stinger missile proved to be a success in countering the Russian airstrike. Stinger’s success has led the British to offer their Starstreak systems to the Ukraine army.

Starstreak vs Stinger:

Ukraine’s air force has less strength than Russia. Most of the 225 planes in the fleet are too old to be upgraded. MANPADS works well for them because Ukraine is lacking a strong airforce.

They have been able to successfully use Stinger in order to combat Russian airpower and inflict high value damages. They are making Russian aircraft and helicopters fall and giving them a difficult time.

Some media reports suggest that the UK could offer Starstreak anti aircraft weapons to Ukraine. Below is a comparison of Starstreak with Stinger.

  • Starstreak, which is developed by British Defence is similar to Stinger, an American air defense system.
  • Starstreak is capable of reaching Mach 4 and Stinger, up to 2.5 Mach.
  • Starstreak range – 7000 m; Stinger range – 4800m.
  • Guidance system- Infrared tracking for Starstreak, and Infrared homing with Stinger.
  • Warhead-High explosive for Stinger; Three explosive darts are for Starstreak.

Final verdict

America and West want to deter Russians by prolonging their war and inflicting collateral injuries. Zelenskyy instilled the belief in Ukrainian citizens to be able to stand for themselves.

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