Today, you know Starburst as one of the most popular slots on the planet. It is available at almost any online casino, it is appealing to play and comes with all kinds of perks you can imagine. But, you would be surprised to know that this wasn’t always the case. 

As a matter of fact, the game started with a completely opposite story that we will reveal below. This is still the most popular Starburst slots developer by Netent you can play today. Netent is one of the biggest software developers and is available almost anywhere. 

Starburst: When does the journey begin?

Netent released Starburst back in 2012. Although today starburst slots is a common term and in many casinos, it is still not an easy task to find them for GamStop customers. Likely there are some Starburst slots for GamStop players available on casinos such as Very Well, it is an extremely popular brand with thousands of games. 

Back in 2012 the game was considered as poorly designed. It didn’t have many features and it looked too ordinary. But, this started to change soon. Players started loving the game and they would play it for hours. There is one major advantage of Starburst. The game allows you to form winning combinations from both sides (left to right and in opposite directions). Despite the fact it has 5 reels and 10 paylines only, it is actually more ‘’appealing’’ than games with 20 paylines. 

A few months after the release, the game started to gain popularity. It still wasn’t very common but then something changed. Many online casinos started offering free spins for the game. This trend still lasts and it is going to last indefinitely. In other words, you will get free spins as soon as you create an account at the casino. Once this happens, you can play the game, win big time and enjoy. In reality, all popular casinos and even average ones have been offering free spins for this slot. Most are offering them right now, which is an important reason why the game is so popular. It is also a common choice for professional gamblers. 

The symbols in the game are gemstones. You can see diamonds, rubies, and many others. All of them come with high-definition and with an impressive level of attention to detail. Those video slots have a huge fanbase and the popularity is only growing. There is also a lucky 7 symbol and the Starburst symbol. The latter is used as the wild symbol and it can replace all other symbols. 

The wild symbol has an interesting capability. It will appear only on reels 2-4 and once you have 3 of the kind the reels will be covered with this symbol completely. Other reels will spin and if you get another wild symbol, you will be accredited with a respin. Up to 3 free spins of this kind can be given to you. The feature may look simple, but it is very appealing and can help you win more. 

The user interface is amazing. You are presented with a modern and even futuristic game with a simple control panel. It is located under the reels and here you can set the levels and the lines alongside coin value. Once done, you can click spin and wait for the outcome. There is autoplay mode which will spin the reels automatically and all the winnings will be accredited to your account with you having to do nothing. 

Here are a few specifics about the slot. Starburst allows you to place between 1 and 10 coins per line and the coin size can range between 0.01 and 1. Jackpot is 250 times the stake and the return to the player is 96.1% which is higher than average. Starburst is an ordinary video slot so there are no advanced features and it isn’t a progressive game. 

We can add that an additional reason why this game is considered the most popular slot ever is the graphics and the gameplay in general. Most of these are entertaining, modern, appealing, and look amazing. The game is easy to play but known for free spins and payouts you can get at most casinos. 


Starburst started as not a very popular slot. Today, it is completely the opposite. This is a game that is commonly played by all gamblers with and without GamStop at some point and a game that will remain number one for a long period of time. Should you try the game out? Definitely yes and you will probably play it for days.