Are you a fan of Pokemon? Are you a huge lover of all kinds of Pokemon? Do you know how to acquire the Pokemon’s. They are an extremely adorable creature that has caught the attention of many. You’ll be able to agree that you are also an avid Pokemon enthusiast.

There is a new version of Pokemon available for the fan to purchase. Pokemon is a favorite game and adored by many Worldwide. This article will cover what is known as the Stantler Evolution Arceus. For more information about this hottest version of Pokemon read on to the article.

Everything About the Stantler

It’s a typical Pokemon with massive horns.

The pace of change that this Pokemon is unfortunately slow.

This is one of the attacks on the EV yield.

This Pokemon is described as an C-tier high-quality Pokemon.

It can defend itself against up to 62 attacks.

Stantler has the highest attack power. Stantler can be measured at 95.

It comes with a total of 85 special attack power.

This Pokemon is also 85.

Let’s get to know the capabilities of Stantler and the way to develop Stantler Legends Arceus?

What are the skills of Stantler?

There are three capabilities total and they are as follows:

Ability number 1: To intimidate This ability decreases attack of the enemy to one level after the person who is the bearer change to fight.

Ability number 2: To Frisk this ability functions to the advantage of the Pokemon’s owner since According to the ability Stantler Pokemon is able to see weaponry of the enemy.

Ability number 3: The sap-sipper is a secret attribute or ability that can only be used when in a small amount by any grass-based material.

What is the Stantler Evolution Arceus

The Pokemon evolves and transforms into Wyrdeer.

After fighting like quick 20 times, players will be able to transform their Stantler Pokemon to wyrdeer.

It will be a normal kind of Pokemon but it will develop the best type of physical.

Now let’s discuss some of the most important specifications.


Name- Stantler Arceus.

Type Normal Pokemon.

Foods it enjoys: Grains and Beans.

The Creator Game-Freak

The Release Date is 28th January 2022

Available on all platforms: The Nintendo-Switch.

Genre: Open-World and Action.

How do you evolve Stantler Legends Arceus?

The players can transform their mythology Arceus using these easy ways:

  • The players are expected to obtain the Stantler from the peaks of Deertank.
  • Make sure that your Stantler is at the 21st floor and able to move around.
  • At level 31, your Stantler will be as responsive.
  • You can then take in this Pokemon in battles time and again. Make sure that you’re playing its agile version twenty times.
  • The time has come for you to evolve Stantler. is available. Take a look at this Evolved version.


After reviewing the data and facts regarding Stantler Evolution Arceus ,this article would conclusively say that Evolution has been added recently as a Pokemon to the Stantler series. It is a Pokemon that has a great physical characteristics. A must have in the collection of your Pokemon collection.