Standup paddle boarding is a relatively new water sport born out of traditional surfing. Stand-up paddle boarders essentially stand on inflatable floating boards and utilize a paddle attached to their boards to propel themselves over the water. This means that instead of having to ” Surf “the waves” mostly using a mid length surfboard like traditional surfers, you just have to ” paddle “the ” waves” using a SUP board that is much longer.  Standup paddle boarding is great for people who are new to surfing or who don’t want to get as much exercise while surfing.


It’s also great for children. The water is soft and it’s easy to learn how to paddle board. If your child loves the water and wants to spend his or her time surfing, then you might want to consider EASY-surfshop. When they learn how to stand up on their board, rather than getting all sweaty and tired trying to stand up in the foam, they will enjoy spending more time in the water, because it’s easier. Your child will be better prepared for the sport when he or she starts learning how to stand up.

Different Types of Boards

Stand up board boarding has a number of different types of boards for different purposes. Some of these boards are intended for more “speed” than others, but all stand up boards have some sort of handle for your board and usually an extended board skirt. These types of boards are used more for fast surfing and faster speeds, although some can be used for more “anas”.

Stand-Paddle Fins

These fins are designed for the more advanced surfer. These fins have a large amount of stretch and allow for very high maneuverability. They are usually rounded, with sharp tips. These fins are great for fast paddling, but if you are intending on doing some “long distance” surfing, they may not be the best choice for you. Fins may also add too much weight, which is never a good thing while surfing.

Inflatable Surfing Board

These are the most popular types of paddleboards, mainly because they can be inflated very quickly. These surf boards have a bulbous shape similar to a bowling ball and come in several sizes. These are a very cheap alternative to full air, but because of their inflated nature, they are much less stable when surfing and can tip over quite easily. The drawback of inflatable sups is that they do not provide a lot of stability when going for longer periods of surfing.

Overall Volume Paddle Board

This is the heaviest type of paddle board, as well as the most expensive one. These boards are generally purchased by those who plan on going to the water regularly and spend a lot of time on the board. The overall volume of this board is directly related to the weight capacity. The more weight that can be stored in the board’s overall volume, the higher the overall volume of the board.


The main feature of SUP is the fin attached to the board. The fins are responsible for getting your surfboard over the top of the waves. Fins come in many different shapes and sizes. The best ones are made of carbon fiber because they hold the shape better when surfing and will not get damaged if you take some huge swings on the waves. Carbon fiber fins also give your surfing a little bit of speed as well.

Paddle Boards

One of the best features of SUP is the fact that it doesn’t require any type of external paddle. All you need is your board and some type of non-skid material to push around on. Although there are some people who like to use their own paddleboards, it is highly discouraged because of the potential dangers that can happen when using them. In addition, plastic paddles tend to hold on to each other much better than non-plastic paddles, especially in strong winds. Overall, SUP is probably the safest, most convenient and best choice for surfing.