Seeing the classic concrete floors around your exteriors makes you think of changing how the outdoor looks. You may think of a pool decking revamp or restoration of those sleek patio floorings. LA homes, for example, are famous for having the most original form of materials of houses, backyards, porches, and entrances.

The concrete columns that continue down to the steps among old houses persist. Changing these structures entirely will be a waste of time and money. So what do professional construction do? With a touch of innovation, the properties sustain their antiquity while looking modern and sleek.

If you plan new construction and want to reinforce old items before remodeling, use this extra step! Preserve your beloved cemented floors using stamped concrete Los Angeles.

Stamped Overlays Unraveled

A solid piece with cement mix added on it helps minimize surface scratches. Install concrete stamps or overlays to revive the old slabs in your porch, patios, and even around the deck by the pool. 

Stamping the concrete floors is not a new thing. Most luxury homeowners will have patios or concrete pools with stamped overlays on the decks.

How to achieve the stamped pool decks? The following section gives you a quick preview of how stamping is done.

Steps to Stamped Overlays

Again, the stamped concrete comes out by pouring a new layer of concrete or cement mix on existing solid flooring. Or you might have other types of material for your pools like tiles or paver bricks on the driveway. You can renew the materials used for these floorings via resurfacing. Finish them with stamped concrete patterns, and voila! Your spaces never looked so chic and sophisticated at the same time.

The Material. The patterns on the concrete surface emerge using stamp mats. The mats consist of rubber materials so they will not stick or hold on the concrete surface. The concrete mix comes in specific thickness and consistency to come out seamless, like it is not a separate unit of slabs.

The Essential Steps. An installer manually stamps the mat onto the fresh concrete layer. This step is done with precision not to press the mats too lightly or too hard on the fresh concrete. The goal here is to let the patterns appear naturally. 

The Cost. Stamped overlays range from $2 to $7 per square foot. That is for the material and labor cost. With this decent amount for resurfacing the floorings, you can combine other renovation costs like your pool resurfacing or replastering pool cost

Stamped Concrete: Is it Outdated?

Now, the important question. Most concrete floor owners and concrete pool decking asked this. Is stamped concrete outdated?

Using the old flooring slabs may forfeit its quality. How can you make something look new out of the old? That is why experts in the flooring industry developed using overlays. 

Nowadays, you can incorporate other methods or applications with stamped. You can stain or recolor the surface or choose another process of finishing the floors. 

Professionals Vs. DIY

Starting a new construction that involves old items in your properties may be challenging to make. One is to think of how to make them look new and nothing of the old. But the next thing that will convince you is how cost-efficient these steps are. It is best to plan the minor renovations with your major reconstructions to save cost. Doing this job all at the same time with the help of expert contractors will save you both time and other fees. In many new real estate developments, developers are choosing to use polymer concrete manholes.