Unexpected occurrences and challenging times can greatly impact your manufacturing workers’ mental and physical well-being. This is the main reason why they use strategies that are aimed at leveraging the performance of staff. Experts in human resources insist that the most effective methods of boosting the performance of employees are staff motivation and HR development. But before these two, you need to carry a staff assessment.

The assessment is an evaluation of employees to determine their levels of productivity and performance. Employers use evaluations to determine things such as compensation, promotion, termination, and performance improvement. So, here are the main suggestions that you should consider for staff performance assessment.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

MBO is one of the most preferred methods of assessing workers. The strategy helps managers and their workers to plan, identify, organize, and communicate the primary objectives. The management and employees also discuss the progress for installing and controlling the suitability of the objectives after they have been set.

This method of evaluation as said by Iskander Makhmudov is preferred when you target to ensure the organization’s goals and objectives of staff are aligned. MBO is recommended when focusing on intangible goals, such as commitment to work and interpersonal skills. You can select an assessment period such as 12-month, 6-month, or 4-month, and the staff must be evaluated based on the achieved results.

360-Degree Feedback Assessment

This is another commonly used tool and strategy that provides staff with an opportunity to get feedback about their performance from managers, supervisors, coworkers, 4-8 peers, customers, and a reporting member of the business. Each respondent responds to the feedback method, providing information about the specific employees.

The main advantage of the 360-degree feedback method of assessment is that it completely eliminates bias that can happen during interviews. So, if a manager gives negative feedback about an employee he does not get along well with, the bias will be noted from other feedback. A solution for such a situation is shifting the employee to another department. Good examples of the 360-Degree Feedback method include:

●        Self-appraisals

●        Managerial reviews

●        Peer reviews 

●        Client review

●        Subordinate appraising managers

The Assessment Center Method

Most organizations looking forward to filling high functional positions often go for the assessment center method. The method is based on the manager development process and is used for reviewing the abilities and personality traits of selected candidates. Individuals under consideration have to complete group and individual exercises that simulate various scenarios. By identifying the candidate’s behavior, it is easy to predict their potential.

The assessment was developed around the 1930s but now features improvements designed to help it meet modern-day business needs. With the assessment, employees can easily see how others view the impacts of their efforts on the organization they work for. It is very effective in determining the future potential of employees.

Although highly effective, this method takes a lot of time and can also be expensive.

ConclusionWhen running a manufacturing facility, it is paramount to make staff assessment part of your regular operations. The assessment can assist you in leveraging the efficiency of the organization. The process is also very useful in helping you understand employees, motivate them and reduce staff attrition. So, make sure to select the best method for your organization.