Find out more about the entertaining relaxation, socializing, and dancing at Cafe Pinta in popular game SSO Fort Pinta Disco.

SSO is a very popular game played in SSO is a popular game in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. There are around 500K players each month who play this game, and over 12 million registered users. Have you ever thought about enjoying a relaxing game? What would you feel about going out to a cafe with your buddies on weekends and dancing?

SSO includes this feature in its most recent update. So, let us check more details about SSO Fort Pinta Disco.

What is SSO?

Star Stable Online (SSO) is an adventure-based game that was developed by an Swedish company called Star Stable Entertainment AB. The players are granted free access until the fifth level. Players must have an account with Star Rider for higher levels and then purchase an upgraded version. In Fort Pinta, a cafe can be found within the game. It is known for its Cafe Pinta. This café that the guests are able to dance together with their buddies. First, however the user must get access to Fort Pinta. Fort Pinta is open to Star riders as well as non-star riders.

SSO Fort Pinta Disco:

The disco at cafe Pinta is open until 8 P.M. until midnight every Friday and Saturday. Captain Waterloo works at Fort Pinta disco. He lives there and is the guard at Fort Pinta. Every Wednesday, you’ll be able to assist him in preparing for the night of disco.

In the Fort Pinta disco, you will find a dancefloor that has disco lights, lights and a ambiance that is ideal to dance. When you’re dancing there are a variety of popular songs that can be played and the dancer can dance to the tune of the song. For instance, the dancer is dancing to the tune by Martin Jenson. or the song from the SSO song Fort Pinta Disco You don’t know me as performed by Jack Jones, and The Chainsmoker song, etc.

Out of Fort Pinta, you can find a pet shop under the name of Pet Shop Girls. The shop offers animals, cats and rabbits. It is also possible to purchase pet accessories at the shop. Fort Pinta is among the only places that you can gather with friends and sit in a chair with a breathtaking panorama of the ocean and enjoy the peaceful environment, meet new people and have a chat and more.

There are a few more characters. For example, James is a young boy from the SSO Fort Pinta Disco who is a regular visitor to the races and stables. There is also the services of a horse trainer. The trainer for horses can help guide your horse to the next stage. The place also featured the characters of a family of tourists. Gunther is an emigrant from Germany. Helga has been his spouse as is Gretchen is their sole son.


There were three glitches that were reported in Fort Pinta. Users were not able to get in on the DISCO FLOOR. If you try walking with your horse near the cafe’s entrance for less than an hour and the horse’s speed quickly increases, which makes it uncontrollable. With such speed, horses are likely to fly over the ocean and even fall. Fans love posting their SSO Fort Pinta Discodance videos on social media.

Do you enjoy the SSO Do you play SSO? Let us know your Fort Pinta disco experience.