2022 has started, and the spring season is about to come. So, it’s the perfect time to revamp your home. As the new year comes it is a great opportunity to rethink our home decor furniture and to create more comfort, luxury, grace, and beauty in our homes. So, with that in mind, we have come up with 2022 home decor furniture trends to share with you. 

But before we start the top interior trends for home decor furniture, when it comes to decorating the home, there are no specific rules other than doing what makes you and your family happy. Start by looking at your spaces with a fresh perspective and play around with what you already have and add some unique furniture to create a fresh new look in your home!

Get ready to spruce up your home for 2022-style! The following home decor furniture trends will definitely help you do exactly that.

Interior trends for home decor furniture in 2022

Read on our top curated picks of home decor furniture in 2022 that you will surely love. 

1. Round edges: Round edges are popping up in interior design and furniture. They are considered to be safe, friendly, and most welcoming. Softer edges are feminine and are called out as a top design trend of 2022. They are best suited in living rooms. Create a cozy furniture arrangement and achieve a cohesive look for your living space with American Home Furniture.

You can check our collection of furniture for your living room on our website at affordable prices to embrace calm in your living space. 

2. Add more houseplants: Go the extra mile with your interior design style and bring authentic greenery to your home. Plants have always been a beautiful addition to homes. They will not only beautify your home but will also purify the air of your home. Do your research properly before shopping for your favorite plants. You can go for a sweetheart plant, palm, snake plant, monstera, or fiddle leaf fig tree. 

The green color is definitely the most standout color trend for spring/summer 2022 that will give your home a revitalizing impact. So, get ready to embrace the beauty of houseplants while embracing a new year with positivity. 

3. Art & Crafts will continue to be popular in 2022: Living with the pandemic outcome for two years, many of us have rejuvenated our hidden artists. After 2 years of being stuck, we are all now bored with white walls so we are craving spaces with strong personalities. So upgrading your home with artistic work, decent paintings, handicrafts will be seen trending this year. These pieces will surely be a showstopper of your home. 

Crafts decorating pieces will add layers to your interior decor and will help in creating an artistic edge. If art and crafts are not your kinds of thing then you can buy them online. 

4. Smart furniture: We think that truly what makes or breaks a house is the home furniture that’s placed in it. The correct amount of furniture design can make the essence and intensity of a house. The soul of your home should reflect your own soul. Hence picking up the right furniture pieces can bring out the best in homes. There are different varieties of furniture that have gained much popularity and will continue to remain in 2022. 

Smart furniture includes accent tables, accent chairs, rugs, ottomans, sofas, and many more things. They will give an extra sparkling touch to your home space, without deteriorating in utility in the least. 

5. Mirrors for walls will rule in 2022: When discussing home decor furniture trends for 2022, it would be wrong to not mention the legendary mirrors. Today this accessory is considered to be an essential element of interior home decor. To create a stylish finishing accent or to visually expand the space, a mirror can easily cope with these things. To avoid any imbalance, you need to take care of two things when choosing a mirror, one is you need to choose the design carefully, and second, everything that surrounds the mirror should be very simple. 

You can also try a mix and match of mirrors to create a real decoration piece. Show your imagination and bold ideas to combine accessories of different shapes and sizes. But obviously, if you are not sure about your decision then you can easily go for ready-made solutions. They look perfect in living spaces as well as bedrooms also. 

6. Elevate outdoor furniture: As summer approaches, seating outside the home and enjoying evening tea is the most favorite part of the day. So, it deserves as much attention as the interiors. Also due to this pandemic, people are spending most of their time at home so they are making outdoor space a priority so that they can connect with nature and unwind from the daily hustle-bustle. 

Additionally, it is considered to be the true extension of your interior design. Thus, this year you will see huge demand for outdoor seating. If you are looking to shop for outdoor furniture online then you can check out our website.


Feeling inspired to make a home of your dreams with our 2022 interior home decor furniture tips but not sure where to start. Do not worry. 2022 will be all about pleasant and happy decorations. Do not overdo much but also do not restrict too much. Just ensure to balance it out well. 

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Happy 2022, fellas! Wishing you a year filled with love, health, and joy. 

Keep shopping!