Are you a music fan and regularly listen to Spotify in both the United Kingdom & the United States. Did you know that there are many genres that you enjoy? Did you ever think about which artists you listen to most? Darren Huang developed an unofficial Spotify Unwrapped application for this purpose and also launched an online version at

Spotifypiechart com was born from Darren Huang’s website popularity!


The Spotify Unwrapped application is gaining popularity and Darren Huang’s website has gained immense popularity recently to create a Pie Chart to show the music taste of listeners. Users are eager to see a picture representation of the artists and genres they listen to.

Spotify Pie Chart became very popular with the pictorial representation. With customer behavior, it is clear that most users will attempt to access Darren Huang’s website to review their Pie Chart at minimum once. Spotify Pie Chart is an extremely popular search term these days.

Google Search Engine Powered by Listed keywords were used to rank the website high up in search results. scam. legitimacy: had a bad 1% Trust Score, 42.8% Business Ranking, and Zero Alexa score. This indicates that it is not legitimate. As a website that is only a few days old, it may see a rise in its ranking. doesn’t have a SSL certificate as it uses only HTTP protocol. Its IP comes with an SSL certification that is valid for the next 8 days. However all browsers are unable to trust its SSL certificates. scored 41% on suspicion profile and 17% on Malware, 8% and 41% respectively on threat and Phishing profile. This shows that it is a security concern for users’ devices.

Features at is registered and launched yesterday, June 8, 2022. It is registered for one-year, and will expire on the 8th of June 2023. It has a relatively short life expectancy. doesn’t have any policies or terms of usage.

The website’s owners information and their contact information are also censored. doesn’t give out the customer service email or contact number.

How does work? has no Spotify data. It functions as a search engine, giving it its options or criteria. lists the following options:

  1. Market Data
  2. Report
  3. Servicetitan estimates.

The links to these websites and sponsored links take users to the respective websites. Such websites and links are very similar to the default search options.


Although it may rank higher in the future than it did today, it’s still a good website. was registered with certain keywords in its URL to draw traffic from users who are unfamiliar with the URL of Darren Huang. Is a Scam. Four other reviews of the website also indicate the same.