When looking for a unique podcast to listen to, many individuals like to choose something intriguing like Artificial Intelligence topics or freedom of speech topics. The world’s noise can be too much for most listeners. As a result of this, they look for anything calming and relaxing, like the sound of burning fire or some ocean waves.

Talkative speakers still top the Spotify charts, but you can also expect to see white noise programs popping up from time to time. “Relaxing White Noise” is one of many podcasts in this category that is somewhat new to the podcast business. Others include “brown noise” and “comforting white noise.”

How Spotify podcasters earn a living

A man named Todd Moore, who lives in the Florida Keys, recently started a podcast that was solely based on White Noise Sleep Sounds.” He did it with the help of Anchor, the free podcast-hosting program offered by Spotify. Moore estimates that approximately 60,000 people are listening to his white noise broadcast daily. In addition, Moore and the other members of his white noise team provide a membership service. 

This amounts to around six hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents per day. When calculated monthly, it results in eighteen thousand, three hundred and seventy-five dollars. The anchor is in charge of managing the number of commercials that air.

Adds in streaming

For the most part, Moore adds, streaming material is now the primary source of his income. He began utilizing Anchor to offer white noise programs in 2019 that he believed could help his child fall asleep. What he created for his child soon became a popular show on Spotify thanks to the algorithm. That year, he released three free episodes of intermittent noises that lasted for hours on end.

Almost one hundred thousand people tune in to his podcast every day, three years after he started it. As a result, Spotify’s most successful podcast programs now often appear on the charts of the most famous podcast episodes from all across the globe. 

Reed, a white noise podcaster, topped the charts in four nations last year. Premium clients now get access to more noises and can request new ones through Reed’s new subscription service. Whenever a chiropractor-patient was nervous, Reed rushed out and recorded railway clacks. Memberships have netted him over ten thousand dollars thus far. He says he gets an average tip of five dollars to seven dollars from listeners. On rare occasions, they’ll go even higher. For example, Reed received a hundred-dollar thank you from a person whose rescue dog naps peacefully because of Reed’s expertise.

There is various content on Spotify podcast programs. Nevertheless, individuals are in search of something unique. Different podcasters, on the other hand, have made calming noises available, such as ocean waves and the likes, available to the public. These noises are commonly referred to as white noise and are, in most cases, the source of income for these podcasters.