While covid robbed us primarily of our health and jobs, it also put a stop to the sport entertainment. Hundreds of athletes were held back or even forced to retire amid the pandemic’s repercussions. However, as more and more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are being gradually lifted, a lot of competitions are expected to make a comeback in 2021. In fact, as of today, things are looking pretty optimistic.

A lot of pubs that play live sports matches have already started accepting bookings for many of the popular sports events coming up. One of them is The Cornershop Bar, Shoreditch club. Here’s a list of sports events in 2021 that you can get excited about.

Summer Olympics

Originally scheduled to take place in summer 2020, The Olympic games are set to make a comeback on the 23rd of July and last until the 8th of August this year. While the competition will go ahead “with or without covid”, it’s still not clear how the ongoing restrictions might affect international athletes and spectators. Even though a lot of athletes decided to withdraw from the competition and retire, we will see a lot of new faces and new exciting disciplines such as surfing, sport climbing, skateboarding, baseball and karate. Additionally, the games will feature 15 new disciplines with an intent to increase women’s participation.

X Games

Extreme sports lovers might want to pay attention to X Games – a popular action sports competition that also happens to feature live music and other attractions such as gaming. The event is dedicated to athletes who do sports such as BMX biking and skateboarding. If you want to witness new tricks and experience a combination of a festival and sports championships, you’ll enjoy the X Games, whether you’re there in person or in front of the TV. The exciting competition is set to return in July in Minneapolis.


As June approaches, so is good news for fans of men’s football. The UEFA European Football Championships are planned for Friday 11th and expected to last until the beginning of July. The cities that were selected to host the tournament are Amsterdam, Baku, Seville, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome and Saint Petersburg, with the opening match taking place in Italy. The competition will start from the Turkey vs Italy match and other exciting pairings, with a qualification period lasting until the 23rd of June.


England’s favourite, Wimbledon, is bouncing back from the unprecedented events and returning in late June. The 134th edition of this popular tournament is making a comeback with the following categories: men’s (singles and doubles), women’s (singles and doubles), mixed doubles, boys under 18( singles and doubles) and girls under 18 (singles and doubles), plus singles and doubles events for wheelchair participants for the first time. Whether the crowd will be at reduced capacity or not, only time will tell. For now, you’re allowed to get excited and start your summer binge with this great international competition.

While the rules are still in place and safety comes first, a lot of sport event plans are going ahead and are a perfect excuse to celebrate the (hopefully) incoming end to the pandemic restrictions. Now is the perfect moment to support the athletes who were out for work for such a long period of time and have some normality back. You don’t want to miss it.