It’s a day that is months or even years in the making. When partners come together to declare their love in front of friends, family and to each other, the day is filled with excitement, optimism, and joy. It’s an honor to be invited to a wedding. It means that the couple holds you in high regard and feels that you have strengthened their bond as a couple.  They are counting on your support on their big day, and all the years to come.

Why not seize this tremendous opportunity to spoil them with a stunning wedding gift? Show them how important their union is to you with a gift that is meaningful, thoughtful, and precious.  This curated list will hopefully inspire the gift which personifies your wish for their everlasting joy:

  1. Customized 3D Photo Tower Crystal Keepsake Hauntingly beautiful, this treasure comes close to the look of an actual hologram. It will be proudly placed on the mantel or bedside table, containing a stunning image of magical moments shared. It has the option to be lit from beneath for a whole new take on custom framing.
  2. Beaded Marriage Certificate Holder What’s to be done with the marriage certificate after the wedding takes place? Help the newlyweds honor the process by gifting them a beaded marriage certificate holder. It’s a slick metal tube with beaded edging. It is a glorious reminder of their wedding day.
  3. Personalized Visa Gift Card – What is the one thing that every new couple wants but rarely asks for? Money, of course. While writing a check and adding a handwritten ‘congratulations’ note in the memo field might be customary, there is a better way! Now you can personalize Visa gift cards with a special photo and heartfelt text, to commemorate the occasion with elegance and style.
  4. Customized Wood Photo This is a great gift for the newlyweds who love all things rustic and country. This wood photo is a pictorial image of your choosing, printed onto round basswood. It’s durable, charming and unique due to the individual knots and grains contained within each piece of wood used.
  5. Wicker Picnic Basket for 2 What better way to keep the romance going than with a handcrafted picnic basket, decked out especially for two.  This basket offers a generous space in which to fit a bottle of wine… or two.
  6. Beloved Memories Engraved Wedding Clock Heavy-weighted beveled glass enhances the appeal of this beautifully sculpted clock. Engrave it with the couple’s name and wedding date and create a keepsake they will treasure. A “timeless” clock, this is a lovely gift which is sure to impress the newlyweds!
  7. Heart in Sand Glass BlockIs there anything more romantic than a heart traced on beach sand, with the waves washing over and carrying it away? Now you can gift the happy couple by offering the permanent version of that heart, encased in a glass block that is customized for them. It will stand proudly and sentimentally in their homes and hearts forever.
  8. Personalized Sweatshirt Robes – Choose the fonts, the names or the words Bride & Groom, and select from a variety of colors, two incredibly comfy robes.  The sweatshirt material adorned with elegant, personalized script, equals a gift that each will wear casually for lounging, post-shower or just about any time they want! This gift is so much fun, they’ll pack it away to take along on their honeymoon.
  9. A Pet Security Camera Does the beloved couple have fur baby’s they hate to be away from? Any animal lover is sure to appreciate this pet camera. It allows the owner to have the ability to hear, see, and even give their pet treats. There is a night vision feature and a wide-angle lens that can zoom so they never have to feel out of touch with their fur baby, when not at home.
  10. Wedding Keepsake Library This wedding keepsake library is a soft covered organizational tool for the little items that might otherwise slip through the cracks of life, ending up in the junk drawer or the basement. They’ll appreciate and readily utilize this gift of structured storage for their mementos, while also returning to it again and again to relive the day.
  11. Wishing Ball – This hand-blown glass ball comes with 52 sheets of small paper to write down hopes and dreams. Couple goals, inspirations and shared visions are stored within it to be revisited on their first anniversary.
  12. Custom Watercolor Painting Capture the essence of the couple’s youth and love forever in a hand painted watercolor painting, based on a photo that you provide. It will grace their home and be a constant reminder of when they fell in love.
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If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift, you don’t have to look too far. With a little ingenuity, creativity, and out of the box thinking, you can present the happy couple with a gift that will spark great memories and lasting fondness.


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