The signs are there to give you a guide about how to live your life. Each of them possesses its corresponding personal traits and attributes associated with the stars and constellations of their signs. You will learn more about it in the Project Spiritual page.

 Zodiac Signs


Aquarius people are usually deep intellectual thinkers with unique, peculiar, and spirited personalities. They see everyone equally without judgement regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or creed.


Pisces people are the extremes. This sign is known to be very friendly and emotional. They always want to please other people even if it will cause them trouble. The downside here is most people abuse and take advantage of their kindness. 


Aries signs are very energetic and competitive. They always like to be the first in everything, may it be work or any social gatherings. They walk as head turners with the confidence they have. 

Aries are the rulers who lead with head, leading with certainty and focus. This sign possesses youthful strength and energy regardless of their age.

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This sign emphasized the use of the symbol of the Bull for security. This sign highlights your eagerness to lead a good and secured life in the future. 

Taurus’ intentions are not the most genuine ones. They like doing things whenever they want to, not when they need to. 


This sign conveys the people who are quick in thinking and learning. These people can easily decipher whether something is going on with everyone around them. 

One of the biggest issues of this sign is inconsistency, they don’t like doing the same things all over again for a long time. 


One of the hardest signs to understand is the Cancer Zodiac. This sign is usually the most intuitive and sentimental especially to the people they love and care about.these people are very particular with what other people have to say about them because  of empathy. They are the sign known to be closest to their family.

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This zodiac is the sign of the natural born leaders. Leo zodiac signs are the people who are very aggressive and determined to be successful in life. These people have the “king of the jungle” status just like the lion king. They are known to be very friendly, making it easier for them to work well with other people.


Virgos are the people who have a big sense of humanity. Everything they do in life is made with meaning and purpose. This sign wants everything to be in its rightful place and they are known to pay attention even to the simplest of details. 


This sign connotes peacefulness and fairness. The symbol of scale represents Libra’s sense of equality and balance. Libra people always want to achieve harmony on all the walks of life. They are good at compromising because they always want things to be at peace.


Scorpios are the most passionate people in the world. They know what they want and what they deserve that’s why they don’t tolerate the wrong ones. They will do everything to achieve what they want in their life. This sign is full of passion and determination. 


Sagittarians are known to be one of the biggest travelers among all the zodiac signs. These people are adventure seekers. They can always catch the attention of the people because of the way they tell a story. They can effortlessly light up any room because of their great sense of humor. 


This sign represents a great sense of time and responsibility. Capricorns are very independent, they want to accomplish things on their own. They are excellent in what they do because they have standards within themselves to follow. Their sense of responsibility and accountability are the very reasons why they are good leaders. 

Zodiac Sign Elements


The signs of water element are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs are very open to their imperfections, they believe that nothing is wrong with having flaws as long as you know how to handle them. They use their emotion as their strength to help the people who experienced what they went through before reaching the point to where they are now.

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The Fire is the element that commemorates a fierce energy. Fire element established a strong sign because they are the usual leaders, the voice of the oppressed, and the creators of movements. These signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They are the most powerful signs among all the zodiac signs because they have the sun’s energy.They are not that sensitive with emotions, their way of thinking is different from the others, making it hard for them to be understood.


The signs under this element are the most important people on the planet. This sign is the most solid element that’s why other signs rely and depend on them. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the signs under this element. They prefer to be safe and secured with their actions rather than leaping them to a higher height. 


Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. They are the thinkers, communicators, and the doers of the zodiacs. This sign explicitly shows independence among others. Air signs always go beyond the others, they don’t do what people normally do, they live spontaneously. 


Astrology is made to help us understand things beyond what the eyes can see. The signs show different symbols and descriptions that guide how we should live our lives. We need to project a spiritual life to achieve the real sense of astrology. Zodiac signs are there to be our light when our path seems to be dark. Take note, zodiac signs are just the glimpses that will help you decide what to do next in your life. 

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