The hospital times are over and you finally have your premature baby at home.

Even if you are still full of nerves, you should know that the best cure will always be hope and that superhuman strength that you transmit to your baby.

At home, you should know what his corrected age is, that is, the age of the baby by counting the date he should have been born and not the date he was born. It is the way to determine the development in which the love of your life is, we recommend helping him with early stimulation, this is nothing more than the different sensory, emotional, motor, or linguistic abilities. That if you do it constantly, you will be able to make the necessary neural connections for later learning.

Tips to stimulate your baby from 0 to 2 years

It is important that you know that early stimulation should be done at times that do not interrupt your meals. It can be two hours before or after your meal.

First, you should make your baby do a little warm-up, from his head to the toes, moving, flexing, massaging each part of his body, this heating must be very delicately, remember that this contact of your hands on his body, full of security and protection.

0 to 2 months

To stimulate his hearing and begin to hold his head more firmly, you will use a rattle, start moving the toy from right to left. The baby should be upside down so he will look for the sound

2 to 4 months

You will sing simple melodies to your baby, so his right hemisphere will be in charge of the lyrics and his left hemisphere of the music, you will strengthen his brain, the logical and language part.

6 to 10 months

Put on the music of different rhythms, find a ball, hold it and let the baby bounce gently according to the rhythm, from soft to fast. You can put the baby upside down and make him spin with the ball. You must supervise it all the time, so you will avoid accidents.

10 to 12 months

You can put your baby in a box with toys, you pull the box gently. The baby should learn to have to balance little by little.

From 12 months

You can take him on an excursion to your garden and start with various outdoor activities, you can take him by the hand and kick a ball or sit down both on the ground and encourage him to throw it. We will develop fine motor skills and coordination. Early stimulation will bring positive results in your premature baby and most importantly will create an eternal bond.

At 3 years

Let them explore slides, seesaws, and steps. You will be strengthening its directionality and security. They love backyard games at this age.

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