Spectrier Smogon: If you want to know about Spectrier, this is the right platform. Take a look at the information provided to make it clear that Pokémon is one of the most popular games in the world.

Let’s take a look at a few basics about Specter. So keep reading the article and get your questions answered. The latest legendary ghost horse appears in Pokémon’s Sword and the second shield content in the 8th Generation.


It is a genderless ghost type that retains base stats including HP 100, Attack 65, 60 for security, For special attack 145 and 80 for special security and 130 speed

This is the immune system to combat, poison, and very dangerous for the weak spirit. It is the most effective or string ghost that cannot be touched in the standard type due to its dark resistance.

What’s new in that?

Spectrier Smogon: The Spectier A ghost horse that is fast as well as a strong attacker. This is quite similar to the mega-gender and there is no way to entangle your opponent in this field.

This is the basic traffic pool for the game. Everyone knows that Pokémon has a fairly limited pool of moves. And these moving pools do best with any damage because they have a distinctive ability and manner for a nasty platform and a relaxed mind.

Various sets are supported by Pokemon.

There are three sets that this Pokemon can run. Let’s take a look at these Spectrier Smogon games

• The first set of moves

In this kit – in any particular attack there will be IVS 252 and the same for speed and safety it will be in 4. It will be shy in nature. Some items are the same as selected specs or scarf, mud, shadow ball, dark pulse and so on.

If you want exceptional safety for the enemy’s target, you must go with a shadow ball. This is believed to be perfect for starting harm on Pokémon.

You can reduce the speed of the primary enemy by hitting a muddy hit. You can also kill a defensive Heatrey this way. There are also chances of increasing the fire attack.

• The second set of moves

In the second move set you’ll find an IVS offensive buff set during 252 attacks and 252 speed, defense only 4. This set is shy with the ugly plot of items, alternatives, Hex orbs and shutdowns.

In this Spectrier Smogon kit, you need the best method to load bulky types. It can be played on the physical side to damage hex. You can also use alternatives against attackers to get the buff for free while staying calm and calm. If you want to add a special attack to your defensive glide, you can do so.

• The third set of moves

This is inherently shy and also includes shadow balls, mud shooting, a nasty plot, and so on. But you can switch moves without worrying about the plot. This is the main advantage of this set. You can enjoy the same storyline without losing your life.

Final words

Spectrier Smogon is a Pokemon or a ghost horse with a limited pool of traffic. And you can deal with a lot of impressive ghost type hurts if you’re not ready for

similarly. He is loved all over the world by many people, but they need to be aware of certain threads regarding this spectrum. So, before you do that, do some research on it yourself.