We all have some trickster among us, right? It is not easy to find them until the situation arises and they show their true colors. A similar case is in Among Us in the United States, but Specimen Vitals Among Ushas has found a solution for you.

Now you won’t have to wait for the right moment to catch the impostor. You can find it before it hurts you or your crew members.

Read this article on to understand how you can catch a cheater and become a game master.

What’s among us?

This is a multiplayer online deduction game where players try to discover each other’s hidden roles and team affiliation. Can be played by four to ten people. Either with people you know, or the game will help you connect with strangers.

In the game, you board a spaceship, planetary base, or air headquarters, trying to secure it and make it back to earth safely. The twist is that one of your crew members is replaced by a moving alien. That’s what the Specimen Vitals Among Us guide will help you to find.

Alien Purpose

The alien intends to remove the entire crew before it reaches the ground safely. The aliens can look like anybody else and can sneak through vents, cheat players and sabotage the ship.

Moreover, the cheater can even frame and trick other players into staying and killing the crew.

Responsibilities of other crew members:

Non-alien members are responsible for the maintenance of the ship, not allowed to talk until death is reported.

Upon death report, crew members may argue among themselves and vote to eject a member from the ship. If an alien is kicked out, the entire crew wins, but all go back to work if an innocent is fired.

Likewise, they cannot talk until another death is reported.

What is Specimen Vitals among us?

When a player joins a game, their health values ​​are displayed on the screen, indicating one of the following three things:

1. “OK” – means that the player is alive.

2. “DEAD” – indicates that the player has been killed since the last emergency encounter and has not disconnected from the game. This means that his body can still be found on the ship and can be reported.

3. “D / C” – indicates that the player’s body does not exist on the ship or has been disconnected from the game.

Every crew member has similar functions, with the exception of the impostor, but you’ll need a keen eye to find out.

Specimen Vitals Among Us noticed that the imposter’s vital functions change when he is in the vicinity of a crew member. Impostor’s heartbeat changes drastically when he just killed a crew member.

Final verdict

There is an exciting and exciting game among us. He gained his popularity in 2020 and has been trying since then. There is no age barrier and anyone who wants to play the mystery game can enjoy it.

Search for the life force to catch the trickster to save yourself and your ship.

Let us know if Specimen Vitals Among Us helped you catch the impostor.