Do you have a company or organization in China? Deciding whether to use an ERP software or the standard apps can be overwhelming. For those faced with such a decision for the first time, the task can be even more challenging. In China, the country’s administration puts a lot of emphasis on compliance, especially on accounting, labor, and taxes laws, making it pretty important to start using ERP software. 

In this post, we take a closer look at the application of ERP software in China to help you make the big decision about using it. Why stick with the standard apps when there is a better, easier, and more convenient way to get everything right with ERP software? 

What is ERP Software?

ERP, short form for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a system that is used for planning and managing core aspects of the supply chain, manufacturing, financial, services, and other important processes of an organization. ERP is used to help streamline a company’s operations, including automating procurement, project management, and customer risk management. 

Although it is possible to use a single ERP app, going for the entire ERP application suite is likely to yield better results in all areas of your company operations. As we are going to see shortly, there are so many benefits to expect from using ERP software in China, but you have to ensure that only the best is selected. 

ERP Software in China: What are the Advantages to Anticipate?

The most notable pro of using ERP software in China is increased efficiency. Instead of handling administrative functions manually, ERP software makes it possible to automate them. This means that you are able to free workers so that they can put focus on areas that generate more revenue for the enterprise. Automation also comes in handy in forecasting. 

Other benefits of using ERP software in China are:

  • Improved Business Collaboration

When you install and use ERP software, it connects the workplace team, helping to improve staff engagement and communication. Every staff gets on-demand access to the departmental data so that he/she can accomplish allocated roles more easily. Again, real-time project updates help to improve the operating efficiency, and cut down costs.

  • Built-In Compliance 

Even if you work so hard but do not focus on compliance in China, there is likely to be trouble along the way. ERP software systems are designed to track industry regulations and policy changes. This means that you will be able to stay on top of compliance requirements, standards, specifications, and promptly implement changes where necessary. 

  • Cloud Accessibility 

Gone are the days when managers had to wait to get to the office to execute accounting tasks, check the progress of their projects, or follow compliance requirements. With a cloud ERP app, you are able to reduce the burden on the company’s IT department, security, and mobility. As long as your device has an internet connection, you will be able to access your company’s ERP system, meaning that you are able to take prompt action without necessarily being physically together with the rest of the team. 

  • Scalability is Easy, Fast, and Reliable 

 With the best ERP software in China, scaling the operations of your business is easy and convenient. Whether you are adding a new department, staff or expanding to new locations, the software allows you to easily add new users and functions. So, if your business is getting started, you can rest assured that ERP software will be a reliable pillar for growth in the coming months or years. 

The benefits we have highlighted above are only a few: the list can go on and on. ERP app makes it easy to streamline the operations of your company and increase the chances of success. To get the best ERP software in China, visit Fiducia now. The agency can also help you with other executive functions, such as payroll management and filing tax returns.