Read Sozida reviews and discover the real-world impact of this shopping site online.

Are you into online shopping? Here is an online store for you to check out –

Sozida is an internet-based United States-based shopping site that sells a variety of electronic gadgets and their components. It offers items at a bargain and will be able to find what you’re searching for.

There are however some questions about the. We’ll provide you with all the details and provide information on its credibility. Keep to read Sozida reviews and gather all the info you require before falling into this site’s trap.

What is

Sozida is a store on the internet that deals in a variety of products including air purifiers and LED televisions, projection screens, oxygen concentrators and many more.

All of the information on the product are listed in the description box of each product which includes their dimensions, weight, voltage and other vital specifications for their use.

The interface of the website is basic however the home page is comprised of banners from a few clothing websites.

Specifications of

Before answering the question: Are Sozida Legit? The first step is to be aware of the terms and conditions of this site. It is important to take a look:

  • Website’s URL:
  • Domain Age 1 Month and 29 days
  • Specific electrical appliances and their accessories
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Store/ company address: 240 Oak Villa Road, Dallas, Oregon, 97338, United States
  • Contact number Contact number: +12516516770
  • Payment methods: All Visa, Mastercard, and other credit cards, as well as PayPal can be used to make the payments.
  • Refund Policy Sozida Review will like to inform you that the company has the 30-day return policy. the items have to be returned in a brand new condition and with original labels. The final information are processed, and sent to the customer within 3-6 days.
  • Refund policy: it can take between 48 and 72 hours to process the refund of a PayPal bank account to be refunded, and 7-14 days are needed for the credit card refund.
  • Delivery and shipping policy: All items will be delivered within 2 to 3 working days following the placement of the order. They only deliver items to the US The approximate delivery date is between 10 and 22 days.
  • Social media icons presence: none

Pros of

Sozida Review discusses the benefits of this website:

  • HTTPS protocol is recognized on this site.
  • It’s not being detected or not mentioned by any blacklist engine.
  • FREE shipping for orders that exceed $50.
  • Different kinds of products are readily available
  • The entire product’s details are detailed in the description box.

Cons of

  • The site is ranked low on the trust rating.
  • The company only ships their products to the US.
  • There are reviews of negatives on the internet.
  • The site was launched recently.
  • They do not have a presence on social media.
  • The content is duplicated.

Is Sozida Legit?

The most crucial element of any online store is its credibility. In this article, we will discuss some of the details on which will help us to evaluate its credibility:

  • Domain Age: This website was created on July 22, 2021. Therefore it has an age of 1 day and 29 calendar days.
  • Domain Expiry: The domain expires on 22nd July, 2022.
  • Trust Rating: 28.8/ 100, looking at Sozida Reviews. Sozida Review
  • Alexa Rank: there is no Alexa rank assigned
  • Customers Reviews: You can find some negative reviews posted on a single evaluation site. However, there aren’t any reviews posted on Trustpilot.
  • Content copied from other sources: The written content with some images of products are copied
  • Customer policies: All the important customer policies, terms and conditions are provided
  • Originality of the address: The mentioned address is fake since other websites are using it as well.
  • Connections to social media: None
  • Owner’s details: not revealed

Sozida Review from the customers

There are a few negative customer reviews online on the Internet for this site or its products. We’ve discovered the comment section of a website in which some users discuss the website and label it suspicious.

For instance, one user said that Sozida’s telephone number is a car insurance company located in Alabama. A different user stated that she was scammed since she didn’t receive her purchase.

If you have any feedback or suggestions to share, please let us know via the comments section below. You can also visit this page for more information about PayPal frauds.

The Final Verdict

The news today, Sozida Reviews was about this shady website You can place an order online and buy items like filters for air LED screens, and so on. However, before you consider purchasing from this online store make sure to go through this article to learn more about this site.

We found that this site is plagiarized, with an untrustworthy score, as well as there is no Alexa rank. It was also launched in the last few days, and as such we are more suspicious. We therefore do not recommend using this site. Also, click here to learn more about Credit Card scams.