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What’s the latest?

The site is an online portal. People are using it a lot nowadays. We all know that Covid-19 was a time of serious death. Some even include high-profile leaders as well as organizers of anti-mask movements. is a brand new website that keeps the compilation of horror stories related to medical lines as well as the people who were infected with the coronavirus.

Those who don’t follow the steps are encouraging others to do so.

This site was created to inform people about the problem and how they can stop it. They are real people and their lives were cut short after they made that decision.

Even more users can share the content so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Some important points about

  • Many cases are related to covid 19, which is a measure that does not apply to everyone.
  • There are many people out there who haven’t gotten their vaccinations, discouraged others from getting them, and are now very sick.
  • Some people mention that they believe it is important to be vaccinated on social media.
  • Also, we found that the names of anti-vaxxers on social media and other websites are meticulously compiled.

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The research shows that the site was active from 29 August 2021, and that it has been searched for the exact keyword.

People who don’t follow the rules and measures to stop the pandemic are becoming increasingly ill and even dying.

These stories serve as reminders to people that the disease can be deadly and they should take precautions.

The bottom line is

We discovered that many anti-vaxxers on social media are encouraging people to not get vaccinated. demonstrates that they must be aware that this is a serious problem and that many people are already dying.

Take the time to get the vaccines and preventive measures in place.