Tooth cleaning devices date back thousands of years to the Chinese era and the Greeks. Different materials were reportedly used in making the toothbrushes. But, with the introduction of manual toothbrushes changed the way individuals started cleaning devices. While manual toothbrush has been the most widely used oral hygiene product, an effective alternative has been recognized since the 18th century.

 Electric toothbrushes or power toothbrushes as they are called are battery-operated, designed to remove bacterial plaque and debris from the tooth surfaces and gingiva effectively. With the myriad of electric toothbrush options on the market, CHEEEESE ultraclean soft bristle electric toothbrush fits all requirements.  

Following extensive research, a major milestone had been achieved with the Introduction of the best sonic electric soft bristle toothbrush on the market. It comes with a travel case and 3 complimentary individualized toothbrush heads. It all began with a simple motto “dare to smile”. 

Patients have become well educated about their dental health. Oral hygiene compliance is the ultimate goal for achieving optimal oral health for every individual. With its unique design and stylish yet powerful electric toothbrush, CHEEEESE became the popular toothbrush among the population.

Arguably the best soft toothbrush in this class, these third-generation power toothbrushes were no longer solely targeted for niche subgroups, as dental professionals increasingly came to appreciate the clinically observable benefits of the electric toothbrush for all population segments.

Features of Cheeeese sonic electric toothbrush:

A Cheeeese sonic toothbrush (Shop Now) comes with a complete rechargeable battery. The batteries are charged by sitting on a stand that is connected to an electrical outlet. The toothbrush comes with 300 days of charging. 3 varieties of brush heads are available for the best oral care experience and fit all age groups. The 3D clean helps in deep cleaning and effective plaque removal from the tooth surfaces.

The Smart Clean with its soft brush head helps in reducing bleeding gums. Also, all three brush heads are used for stain removal with the promotion of teeth whitening. With its 3 modes of vibration levels, the toothbrush best suits any individual.

The sonic vibrations reach up to 37000 times/min. The DuPont bristles are smooth and reduce pathological wear on the teeth Cheeeese soft bristle electric toothbrush is completely patient compliant. The safety features are enormous and what’s more; it user-friendly. It is completely durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. 

It has a smooth finish, easy to use, and comes with waterproof PU leather which fits any kind of luggage. Easily cleaned, the electric soft bristle toothbrush comes with 3 working modes with a 30 seconds smart pause mode. The products have been tested extensively in the laboratory for gentleness to the dentition and gingiva, as it stands out from all other sonic electric toothbrushes available in the market, such as Oral B, Philips, and Colgate.

The electric toothbrush doesn’t need any skill to maneuver. Its oscillating -rotating motion and ability to penetrate all regions of the oral cavity make brushing enjoyable. Taking care of one’s mouth helps individuals take care of their overall health.

Cheeeese believes a smile is connected to a healthy oral

The success of long-term periodontal health maintenance and treatment is related to a patient’s compliance with a home care protocol and timely dental visits and usage of a sonic toothbrush. Products provided by dentists and hygienists are unique for each patient. Maintaining good oral hygiene is imperative for healthy teeth and gingiva.

Sonic toothbrushes are suggested and used to remove food particles and other deposits from surfaces of teeth to keep the dentition and gums healthy and disease-free. At Cheeeese, we believe a smile is connected to a healthy oral.  

Oral health is not only about bright teeth and fresh breath but the gateway to a healthy body. A healthy oral gives you more confidence to smile and express freely the way you want. We promote a bright smile that comes from confidence. And we do not only promote oral care products but encourage everyone to choose the right one for the best experience.

We understand how an oral care product can directly affect oral health. The healthier the oral cavity one has, the more confident you would be to smile and express yourself more and better.

That’s why CHEEEESE is committed to creating exceptional oral care products with a user-focused approach. From functionality to ergonomic design, we focus on every subtle detail and believe that a small difference can make a significant impact on our lives. We pay extra attention to the user experience for different needs, because that’s how we can empower everyone to shape healthy habits and level up their oral health care routine. That’s why we are devoted to making day-to-day oral care more accessible to everyone, from kids to adults.

Dental health can be managed properly when recall visits are followed and home care instructions have been given to patients, with an understanding of the goals between each visit. Without compromising the functionality and quality, we are dedicated to focusing on subtle details in simplicity, diversification, as well as individualization. 

We strive to bring everyone a great routine oral health care experience, problem-free expressions, and bright smiles on our faces. Home is where the cleaner smiles are. We are in the pursuit of sustainable business development on the road of keeping everyone a cleaner home while creating more organic oral care products for every single one of you. We have devoted ourselves to seeking more sustainable solutions to design and develop our products and packaging for a healthy home.