Fed-up with the humming sounds Of mosquito? If yes, this article is for you. But, don’t move here and there in search of reassurance to devote your summer safely and mosquito-free, since this wristband may end your search here. We at this moment present you with this new contemporary invention to prevent you from mosquito bites round the clock. This wristband has its manufacturing in Canada.

Let us check more features about the item to Give our readers a more in depth study.

What is Sonic Butler?

This wristband gives out 38khz Frequency of an ultrasonic beams which creates a response to the antenna of the mosquitoes. Hence they get repelled in the waves that comes out from the bands. This wristband is sleek in silhouette, lightweight, shock-resistant, and waterproof. So the product suits the kids too. This Sonic Buckler Reviews wristband lasts upto 130 hours on a single charge. This product is free from harmful chemicals and 100% safe for use. It can deliver the wristband at Canada at an average shipping time of upto 30 days.

This product is safe for little children and is chemical-free.

Let’s know more about the product in detail.


· Type of merchandise : this product is a mosquito repellent wristband.

· The Battery employed: Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

· Charging Period: Quick charging of 30 minutes can last upto 130 hours.

· Effective Area: It functions to a radius of 6 square feet.

· Color available: just Black color available on its official website.

· Product price: the item is available at $34.95 after a 50% reduction.

· Modes of Programs : Comes in 3 modes viz indoor, outdoor & quiet mode.

· Mode of payment: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard are all available on the Site.

What are the Pros?

· The wristband comes with zero side effects and can be chemical-free, as claimed by Sonic Buckler reviews.

· It conserves cash as no cartridge replacement and reduces hospital visits (as the company website claims).

· The item is free from odor, sound that irritates.

· Many payments mode are available for the product.

What are the cons?

· It isavailable only in black color.

· The Battery should replace after regular interval usage.

· Shipping takes a long time.

Is this product Legit?

For buying this product, We Must confirm Some important points before suggesting our readers buy. Let us assess those things:

· Productavailability Date:Accessible for processing upto 26th May 2021.

· Battery replacement period: never mentioned.

· Manufacturing Details: it isn’t mentioned on the site.

· Owner information: no information found for this product.

· Social Media Channels: no networking link found.

· Brand recognition of the product: Product not found on some other popular social websites.

So We’ve gained many points from the aforementioned Available information.

Which exactly are Sonic Buckler Reviews?

The website has three reviews; however, it Claims thousands of reviews, however we found no link. The available three reviews were favorable, and the promised people to be pleased with the product. But, we are unable to find even one review on the trust pilot site.

So If You’re looking to buy this product, we recommend going for a comprehensive Hunt before your purchase.