Do you remember the terrible death of the Jeanerette siblings? Kamryn Sims, who was 15, was killed in a wrong way car accident. They were American citizens from Louisiana. United States.

She was remembered by her family as the cherished child. Accordingly to the Kamryn Smyth Obituary a student of Acadiana Christian School she was progressing spiritually and individually.

Just what happened during the accident?

Kamryn. Christopher. and Lindy were the youngest members of a nine-member family. They were killed in a car accident on December 17. The truck crashed into a Chevy pickup truck, which was driving in an uncontrolled direction along Interstate 49. It was near St. Landry Parish. Lundy was three times more drunk than the limit for drunkenness.

Lindy Simmons (the SUV’s driving force) was killed in the crash. Christopher & Kamryn later died in hospital, as discussed in Kamryn Simmons Obituary.

About Lindy Lindy Simmons

Lindy was a Nicholls University student. She is remembered as a kind and humorous young lady.

Her photographic career had been booming before her passing. She was just named official student photojournalist by Nicholls.

Lindy’s positive energy attracted people around her. In recent months, she’s become an extremely confident woman.

Kamryn Simmons Obituary what does Kamryn say about her career goals?

Kamryn wanted a career where her work could be done remotely, and she longed to see the world with her buddies. Christopher fantasized about having a large family that would outnumber his parents’ nine children.

Lindy was a visionary with big dreams. Katie DeRouen is the oldest sister and documented their loss.

Kamryn Smyth Obituary says that her parents have been greatly helped by the online support. The family received thousands of condolences from people around the world.


John Lundy (Dallas, Texas) was driving his pickup truck incorrectly and collided in front of Lindy’s SUV. Lindy was on her way with her sister and brother, their girlfriend and their mom Dawn Simmons. Kamryn Simmons Obituary.