Motorcycling & camping give you the freedom of exploring & experiencing the amazing outdoors & nature directly. However, it takes more strategic planning than showing up at some hotel or motel for a weekend stay. 

The camping trips need serious preparation beforehand.

Escaping the hustle & bustle of daily life is a thing that doesn’t happen to most people. The adventure of going on a camping trip on your motorbike makes everything more thrilling and exciting.

However, lack of preparation can turn the tables. Here are a few tips that will help you have the best of your motorbike camping trip while getting close to nature. 

Pack safe

Motorbikes don’t come with the luxury of space. Unlike your other vocational trips while going on the motorbike you have to pack smartly. It doesn’t have space like a four-wheeler where you can finely arrange your belongings. So make sure you secure your luggage effectively. As you might not want to lose your stuff because of improper securing. 

Pack all the essentials that you need on your motorbike trip. Keep your bike’s center of gravity in the mind & ensure that you put heavy items low down, crossing the COV of the motorbike.

Make sure you fairly distribute the weight of your luggage on both sides of your bike. Don’t put all the heavy stuff in one saddlebag and soft in the other. 

Secure your saddlebags tightly with the motorbike. It is very important especially if you are traveling long distances.

Bring Friends

The best of memories are those which are created with your loved ones. No one likes to camp alone (most of the people). 

The adventures and joy double when you share them with your friends. 

We would suggest you make your moto-camping a group adventure. 

Take multiple people with you, it will not only multiply the fun but provides the opportunity of spreading love and sharing luggage across bikes. 

Evaluate the available Resources 

Evaluation of the resources depends on so many factors such as how many people would be there? How long will you stay? 

What are you carrying with you etc.? Make sure you reserve the camping ground ahead of time.

If you go without it there’s a chance of not getting a secure spot. Then figure out the food resources available there. Nearby groceries, food hubs, etc. 

What are the conditions available for cooking on the spot? What heat source is available? There are so many lightweights, and economical camping cooking gears available in the market that you can consider taking along with you. 

Specifically engineered pots & pans that not only save space but are very light in weight to be carried in along. 

How efficient is your Bike

Changing your bike’s oil is the cheapest maintenance. If you’re going out camping, getting your bike’s oil changed is a good idea.

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is the last thing you would want to happen on a trip. 

Get the oil filter replaced & also get it inspected by a mechanic to make sure if it is ready for the trip. The purpose of an oil filter is to prevent grit & bits of engine interfering with the system, it also gives you a smoother riding experience. 

Tires should also be checked essentially. Check for any signs if they need to be replaced. A motorbike trip on the hot highways will cause your tires to flatten up quickly which can pose serious risks to your bike’s safety. 

And don’t forget to carry your ride’s registration papers with you. 

What riding gear you should wear based on climate 

The thing that you should never forget is checking the weather of your root and destination. If you are traveling in the hot summer, get a motorbike safety jacket that allows proper ventilation and keeps the temperature cool. If it’s colder, consider buying a windproof jacket with you.

Motorbike gloves are the other essential that you should never forget. They not only keep your hand warm from the cold but protect them.

Prepare for rainy driving conditions beforehand as it requires additional gear. Never forget to wear your helmet. It’s essential for your safety and required by law while you are riding. Make sure it is good and made up of fine quality so it can do its job perfectly well. 

Without any argument, we all can agree to the fact that there is no better way of enjoying nature than a motorbike ride & camping. But, lack of preparation can make your experiences miserable. 

Follow the above-mentioned tips for enjoying your ride in the best possible way.