Spray painting is a low-cost, low-maintenance way to transform the appearance of faded and worn-down surfaces. It comes with a lot of benefits, such as being long-lasting, having a wide range of available colours and finishes. Although spray painting has gained massive popularity in recent times, there are still some facts people don’t know about it and as such, we have compiled a list of some of the things you probably didn’t know about spray painting. 

Surfaces that can be spray painted

While wooden and uPVC surfaces are the surfaces that are commonly spray painted, spray painting isn’t limited to them. Some other surfaces you probably didn’t know you could spray paint include; glass (chandeliers, windows, furniture), curtains, door knobs,  plastic furniture, upholstered furniture, radiators, slippery stairs, walls, dried or artificial plants, fascia, and soffits.

Spray painting should not be a DIY project

Although many people try to cut costs with DIY spray painting, it is not advised. This is because spray painting requires the right level of skill and equipment to achieve a desirable finish. Spray painting surfaces like uPVC for example, will require certain conditions and surface preparation to achieve a professional-looking finish. It is recommended that you always let professional spray painters with the proper experience to handle your spray painting.

Life expectancy

Depending on the quality of paint being used and the nature of the surface, a spray painting job has a long life expectancy of 10 years or more. Most spray painting companies will offer you up to 10 years guarantee on all their spray painting jobs. 

Temperature is a factor

The weather condition is an important factor to keep in mind as spray painting doesn’t really work well in very cold weather. For example, in the case of surfaces like uPVC, It is only possible to spray when the temperature is 12°C or higher (ideally 15°C). This is because uPVC (which is plastic) expands and contracts depending on the temperature. For other surfaces, experts recommend spraying at temperatures above 50 degrees (10°C). Anything below this can cause the paint job to crack.

Spray painting can increase kerb appeal

Spray painting exterior components of your property such as your uPVC windows, doors, conservatory, garage door, soffits and fascia can significantly transform the appearance of your property and add to its kerb appeal.

Wide range of available colours

When it comes to spray painting, there are hundreds of available colours for you to choose from. Spray painting companies like even offer bespoke radiator spraying and colour matching services to help you pick a paint colour that will complement the overall look of your property.

The best alternative to replacements

If you’re looking for a cost-saving alternative to replacing worn-down surfaces that is just as effective, spray painting is your best bet. With spray painting, you can rejuvenate your property without making a serious dent in your pocket.


Transforming your property doesn’t have to be an overly expensive undertaken. With spray painting you can easily breathe new life into your property while on a budget. Other advantages include a long-lasting finish and a wide range of available colours.