Imagine it’s a scorching summer day and the blistering sun is in the sky, beaming onto your home. The sweltering heat can be unbearable, and you feel like living in a hot box. If you live in Adelaide, then you know the city experiences the lowest humidity in summer as compared to any other city in Australia. At this time, people rely on their AC to maintain their preferred temperature. But unfortunately, your AC is not functioning well. If you do not keep your AC maintained regularly, it will break down at any moment. You need to contact a good mechanic for air conditioning in Adelaide who can arrive at your doorstep instantly and fix the issues promptly.

AC not cooling properly? One of these may be the reason

You know, your AC is a costly investment. And when it stops working, your mind is filled with racing thoughts about what has happened to your AC. There may be several reasons for the air conditioner’s malfunction that you need to understand. We are going to discuss some of the most common reasons here.

  • Faulty compressor: The compressor of the air conditioner is one of the main components responsible for cooling. If your air conditioner stops cooling efficiently, there may be some defects in the compressor. Basically, a compressor works by compressing the coolant and circulating air over the condenser coil. The compressor can be considered the heart of the air conditioner. If it gets defective, your air conditioner fails to function properly, making you face cooling issues.
  • Dirty coils: One of the reasons your air conditioner isn’t cooling is because the coils are dirty. Your condenser coil may be loaded with debris and not be able to remove the heat from the air. In an air conditioner, a condenser acts like a radiator that removes heat from the air and circulates cool air. If it gets loaded with dust and dirt, the AC will become less efficient and won’t be able to dissipate heat outside.
  • Clogged air filter: If your air conditioner has stopped cooling, clogged air filters could be one of the causes. When an air filter gets loaded with dirt, it prevents the flow of air through, reducing the cooling capacity of the AC significantly. You can remove the filter to clean it or replace it if necessary. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, you can get help from a professional.
  • Insufficient refrigerant: The refrigerant circulates air through the condenser coil, which further cools the air flowing over it. Then this cold air is eventually sent out of the AC to cool the space. So when refrigerant gas is decreased, the coolant becomes insufficient and fails to cool. In such cases, contact an AC service company and seek help from professionals.
  • Faulty thermostat: A defective thermostat can be one of the reasons your AC is not cooling. A thermostat acts like a sensor that senses the temperature of the room. It tells the compressor whether it should continue cooling or stop it to maintain the specific temperature of the room. If there is a defect in the thermostat, it fails to function, and a cooling problem arises. Unfortunately, you cannot check it yourself. Contact an AC service company in Australia and seek help from professionals.
  • Defective parts: Several parts together make up an air conditioner. If any of them stops functioning, it affects the whole system. Your air conditioner has stopped functioning because a component is broken or not working properly. The fault can be in the control board, choked capillary, capacitor of the compressor, thermistor, motor, etc. If you periodically give your AC maintenance service, all parts of it will work properly, and there are very few chances of parts getting defective.
  • Undersized AC: The most common mistake that homeowners usually make is that they purchase air conditioners based on their budget and not their requirements. If you make the mistake of buying a small AC for a large room, its capacity won’t allow it to cool the room properly in peak summers. Always buy an air conditioner based on the size of the room.

These are some of the common reasons behind the malfunctioning of your AC. Some reasons are technical, while others are non-technical and can be dealt with on your own. If it’s a technical problem, you can contact an AC service company and seek help from a professional. If you are a homeowner with air conditioning in Adelaide, and facing cooling issues, do not run the system when it’s less efficient. Otherwise, the problem may turn into a big one and ultimately cost you more to repair. There are numerous good air conditioning service companies in Adelaide, Australia that you can contact for assistance.