1. Ergonomique Font

This is a unique Sans Serif Font. You can see that it’s exciting for display and company logo purposes but also performs well as a body copy if we are seeking an exclusive style for our text design. Ergonomique is a humanist sans serif typeface that is made carefully and fastly by Paulo Goode with a modern good and feels legibility. It contains 9 different weights and complementing italics, and with its gorgeous features, so, It has a highly versatile look, especially when we see that there are unique small caps as well old style figures included, it has also a Latin Extended letter set.

A TikTok font generator is a type of tool that allows users to generate unique and creative fonts for their TikTok posts. TikTok, a social media platform that is focused on short-form videos, has become increasingly popular in recent years, with users looking for ways to make their content stand out. The TikTok font generator offers a wide range of font styles and designs that can be used to create visually appealing and engaging text. Some of the most popular font styles include bubble, cursive, and bold, and many users enjoy experimenting with different combinations of fonts to create a unique and personalized look for their content. The TikTok font generator is easy to use and offers a fun and creative way for users to express themselves and make their content more engaging and entertaining.

2. Fact Font

If you need a modern Sans Serif Font for your favorite designs, this font is for you. Fact is categorized into sans-serif typeface that has a touch of pointy luxury and delicate. It is carefully shared by ParaType. Especially, many designers don’t know that it’s inspired by the familiar Frutiger design style.

3. Spotify Font

If you are an entertainment lover, especially listening to music, high-quality copyrighted music is no stranger to the extremely famous Spotify music player application. It owns thousands of wonderful music that gives users a really satisfying feeling of relaxation.

And this font is designed for this Spotify app logo. And so it was named Spotify Font. And it’s more than just popular sans serif typeface. It’s a package that will be passionate for you when you work on your projects.

However, Spotify is a proportional & dynamic font. So, this detail can improve every glyph recognition and it also helps differentiate between individual characters.

With this font, you can mix and match with vertical strokes. Moreover, this font will help you to experiment with your modern design projects and there are many opportunities to make your design stand out as soon as it is completed.

4. The Bigmaker Font

A new classy handwritten font, that is The Bigmaker Font is made and debuted by Din Studio. In every character of this font, there is a great feature that will make your design become more cute and natural along with a friendly feel. This hand-lettering typeface has an elegant, delicate, yet simplistic cursive style.

5. Pittsburgh Steeler Font

And now, another font that I would recommend you to use for your product. That is Pittsburgh Steeler Font, The real name of this font is Gunplay Fonts. Style screens can help you apply them to a variety of your products, from your logo design to your trailer to other products in your publication. This dynamic font is created by a famous typeface designer Ray Larabie for Typodermic Fonts. This perfect titling font has a lot of connections & variations.


There are many typefaces these days with elegant yet ultra-friendly looks and styles. Maybe it’s completely free or only allowed to be used in personal projects and designs. However, you should also experiment with all the beautiful fonts to find the design that works best for you.