Making the choice to undertake a hair transplant treatment is a significant one, but it may provide patients with a lot of happiness and personal rewards. Hair transplant treatments are now more accurate and natural-looking than ever before, thanks to medical improvements. Follicular Unit Extraction, with accuracy, competence, and an eye for exceptional results, is restoring patients’ hope that they can have a full head of hair again! Let’s look at some of the most important facts concerning hair transplant surgery, especially FUE that is popular when it comes to hair transplant in Turkey.

Is FUE a Longer Process than Other Options?

Because of the rigorous extraction process, FUE hair transplant is a lengthier surgical technique that allows the doctor to produce a more realistic look by putting each hair follicle separately in order to imitate a patient’s natural hair growth pattern. Finally, patients agree that the ultimate results make FUE worth the extra time required for this hair restoration treatment.

Does FUE Require General Anesthesia?

Most micro-hair transplant methods, such as FUE, do not need general anesthesia. FUE is an outpatient treatment that involves applying a local numbing medication to the target region and, if necessary, the donor area. When patients undergo FUE under the supervision of an expert Las Vegas hair transplant surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon, the operation can be smooth and risk-free. Patients are not concerned about the adverse effects of general anesthesia, and they are awake for most of the procedure.

Will There Be Scars?

One of the benefits of FUE is that no scars are left behind. After a few days, the donor region is virtually undetectable, and even the little incisions done in the target area leave no marks. The tiny incisions made by the doctor into which the hair follicles are transplanted heal without a trace. Small scabs will form in the target region following surgery, but they will normally heal within 7-10 days.

The New Hair Will Fall Out

Do not be startled if your new hair transplants begin to fall out after 2-3 weeks. This is very normal! As strange as it may sound, the new hair transplants must acclimatize to their new placements, so patients may have some fall out with their new hair as part of the healing process, called the shock loss process. Most patients see new growth in 3-4 months, and their complete results are visible in 6-9 months. For more information about hair transplant you can visit below link and ask your questions to experts;