Beeswax is a natural product procured from the secretion from the honey bees’ wax glands. These are the honeycombs’ building blocks where the pollen and honey are stored, and youngs are raised. The honey bees suck the honey and flock together to increase the group’s temperature so that the beeswax production gets stimulated. Honeybees need to consume around 10 pounds of honey to produce just 1 pound of Beeswax. Beeswax can be of any color, from yellow to almost black. Beeswax extraction involves boiling the honeycomb in the water and taking it off from the top. Beeswax has a natural aroma of honey that can make it an excellent choice for making candles.

Let loon into some uses of Beeswax that you might not know.

Beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are becoming more popular these days. These are 100% pure and natural without any side-effects of paraffin ones. These naturally made candles last longer, and they purify the air. They burn slowly, and they have almost zero drippings. When you burn a beeswax candle, negative ions get produced that attract harmful particles such as dust particles, viruses, and bacterias. Once the ions absorb them, they are neutralized, offering you purified air.  Also, these candles burn three times longer than the paraffin ones. You will get a variety of organic beeswax tea lights and beeswax candles.

Cosmetic and Skincare products

You might not know, but Beeswax is excellent for the skin. Nowadays, a lot of skincare and cosmetic products use Beeswax as the core ingredient. It is used in soap, shampoo, and other skincare products. Beeswax also makes the right cosmetic products as both the Beeswax and human skins have “wax esters.” These esters help emulsify and bind the lip balm, ointment, lotions, and lipsticks. Also, Beeswax is a natural hydrating agent that helps to increase the essential moisture of the skin. It is safe to use, as it does not have any harmful side effects. Excellent material for body lotions and hand creams, Beeswax soothes skin irritation.

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Ear candling

Have you ever heard of ear candles? They are often used to remove ear wax. By removing the wax inside the ear, Beeswax improves your hearing ability. It is also good at healing ear infections. The process of removing wax using Beeswax originated from Czechoslovakia, China, and Mexico. This process is known as ear candling.

Pharmaceuticals and household products

Beeswax is also used in pharmaceutical products. It needs to go through a long and complicated process of filtering, centrifuging, and bleaching. After that, various shapes of blocks are prepared for shipping. These blocks are also used in beeswax polish, wood finish, floor and furniture waxing, waterproofing materials, light lubricants, and crayons. You may not know, but the sweet pills, the food you are having, perhaps contain Beeswax. It is also used to protect cheese while aging. Though many cheesemakers use plastic to protect the cheese, many people prefer Beeswax as it’s natural and doesn’t have the plastic’s odor.

Due to its purity and air cleansing property, Beeswax’s products are gaining popularity these days, especially the beeswax candles. Though rare and expensive, the long burn compensates for the price tag. They improve not only your health but also your surroundings. You can visit the site of angels light to buy your favorite candles. In this era of going green, try investing in skincare products and cosmetics to benefit you in the long run.


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