The bathroom is sometimes the tiniest place in the whole home or apartment. So, small bathrooms create a lot of trouble for homeowners. Thus, bathroom vanity repairs cost a lot of budgets. Due to the small space, problems in the bathroom are inevitable. Like dripping faucets, leaky toilets, stuck drains, and sink or tile chipping off. So, they all demand costly repairs. Moreover, you can simply resolve this big problem easily.

 By sleekly designing the space to have fewer problems and more benefits. So, this guide below will prick out some common problems. And give you solutions for it too. Thus, let’s read it out.

List Of Problems:
1.     No Shower And Tub Space
2.     Less Storage Space
3.     Limited Vanity Space
4.     Window Less
5.     Odd Bathroom Shape
6.     Buying Bathroom Vanities
7.     Conclusion

No Shower And Tub Space:

Small Bathrooms usually don’t have shower and tub space. Moreover, some homes with multiple bathrooms may have one with a shower or either tub. So, prefer to have a combo of both shower and tub. However, a bathroom tub is one key item to attract customers. This shower and tub add simply more value for resale purposes. In addition, if it’s a master bathroom then only a shower is fine. And add a shower and tub in another bathroom of the home.

 Thus, you can also add a wet room and bath combo for small bathrooms too. As a corner is separate for the bathtub and shower head with a glass door protection. So, it doesn’t damage the bathroom vanities or tile sealing. You can also use modern and trendy shower and tub combos to enhance the small bathroom outlook.  Lastly, you can also add a frameless glass screen to make the bathroom spacious and airy.

Less Storage Space:

In the bathroom, additional clutter can make it look crowded. So, to avoid crowding add open shelves at the side corner over the toilet. Moreover, you use small attractive racks for ample storage. Thus, for an interesting look remove the rock sheet and finish this extra space with sleek shelves. Moreover, you must choose a vanity style that looks best in a small bathroom.

Like a vanity with under-sink storage space. You can add medicine cabinets, with a mirror attached so the place is above the sink. Lastly, you can add wicker buckets on the floor which are an attractive and trendy finish. This adds enough storage to store your bathroom essentials.

Limited Vanity Space:

A limited Vanity space is tough to manage. So, it is hard to fit a standard or deep sink is a problem in vanity fixing. Moreover, there is a whole variety of multiple sizes. The standard vanity size is 30 inches tall. With multiple depths and widths. In addition, new sinks with shallow depths of 8.5 inches. And a standard of 24 inches depth with 73 inches width. Moreover, in a double sink vanity the depth is 49 to 72 inches wide. Lastly, in very small bathrooms pedestal sinks and wall mounted sinks without vanities will enhance space and outlook of the bathroom.

Window Less:

A Window and ventilation-less bathroom is suffocating. So, it can cause multiple problems. As if the ventilation is not there. It may cause moldy and damp bathrooms because of no air. Moreover, if you can’t add a window because of the small space. Then definitely work on bathroom ventilation improvement. So, simply add an exhaust fan. Make sure it ventilate the air outside. Moreover, this is definitely worth the investment. This may protect the bathroom user from any health risk.

Lighting Issue:

A well lit bathroom is so attractive. So, if you don’t have any natural light source in the bathroom. Then simply add new lighting such as LED lights. Moreover, you also add lights around the vanity mirror and a fancy chandelier on the ceiling. This amplifies the overall grace of the bathroom. However, make sure to add waterproof lights. So, no more dark and shadow. Only a brightly lit affair.

Odd Bathroom Shape:

An odd shaped bathroom makes it a big trouble for users. Moreover, it is also hard to fix toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, and vanity cabinets. So, in an awkward shaped bathroom every space must be used. Thus, if the bathroom has a mighty door. You can replace it with a small one. So, this will create extra storage space. And now your bathroom is better for layout and traffic flow.

However, when the door is in place you can fix the toilet, tub, shower, and vanity in a 30 inch distance. To have smooth traffic and function. Moreover, don’t crowd the toilet area. At Least 20-30 inches space in its front. Lastly, design the bathroom layout with care. As replacement is hard and costly.

Buy bathroom Vanities:

Bathroom Vanities are the crucial element of every bathroom. Moreover, you can choose the design, material, and size according to your bathroom. And there are multiple stores out there. But Kitchen Design Gallery sells the premium quality vanities. Moreover, they have sturdy designs, colors, and materials in a very affordable price range.


In conclusion, a small bathroom can be a trouble. So, there is a risk of sealing breakage, faucet leaking, and shower and tub wearing off. Thus, the bathroom vanities have issues. Like less shower and tub space, odd bathroom shape, limited vanity space, window less. So, any problem leads to major risks and damage.

However, damage needs repair and costs us money. So, you need to be precise in designing or buying your home. As it must have a decent space bathroom to function well. Moreover, bathroom care and DIY hacks can make the small space so spacious and airy.