This article was written down to help people to comprehend and learn the basics of Solitaire Wordle.

It’s no longer necessary to inquire whether you’re familiar of Wordle and if you’re not. However, have you had a chance to hear about Wordle’s French Wordle version? Wordle that is now being criticized worldwide? But if not, you don’t need to be concerned since we’re here to assist you.

It is commonly referred to by its name of Solitaire Wordle in the present. It can accept words according to the scribble laws, plurals or conjugated words. There are many pertinent questions about this. For instance, how it functions and how it differs from Wordle or Wordle, etc.

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The Truth About the Solitaire Version-

Solitaire is one of the French version of Wordle where the player is challenged to guess the word within six attempts. It allows phrases based on scratch decrees, with a variety of joined participles.

Each time you attend a session, the color of the words change to indicate how close your answer is to the original phrase at hand.

Solitaire Game Details-

The concept of Solitaire was the brainchild by an inventor who wanted to play word games in the French language. He wasn’t very good in English and would even play English films which had French subtitles. He had collected a few French phrase books to write an outline of a policy.

Then he decided to assist those who were so interested in French. He wrote the book of vanilla JS. On top of this, he came up with the powerful expression “LeMOT”. WORD-Le = Le-WORD = Le-MOT.

How do I play Solitaire Wordle?

There are several easy steps to follow if looking to play this game.

  • Six attempts are required to figure out a sentence. When you have thought about words, you get clues to help you understand the words.
  • The exact meaning of the words is implied in the green hue. Furthermore, words that appear to be in an undetermined location are shown in bright color. Also, the words that don’t appear in the context are displayed in gray.
  • In this issue, you can find expressions that span from four to eleven words.
  • You can also choose the level of difficulty within Solitaire Game. Solitaire Games. They are simple super-tough, tough, and tough.

What is the reason this trend is happening?

Solitaire is an French version of Wordle that is enjoyable for French users. The developers are constantly developing this version to succeed. They plan to add the dark mode and an option to share outcomes.

The website was even added to try out the French language by using the same website. The entire idea is to help French performers. The goal is to make the sport more appealing and motivate players to play and work towards a winning streak.


Solitaire Wordle is one variation that are part of the Wordle puzzle game. It’s an online riddle game designed to help French-speaking rhetoricians. It’s designed specifically for those who played Wordle all at once, but could not play due to the fact that they don’t speak English in a significant way.