For any homeowner, grime, dirt, and debris are both displeasing and unhealthy. People look for ways to keep the interior and exterior of their properties clean.

Some people limit themselves to using soap remedies to remove microorganisms and dirt. However, that alone won’t make the cut. Many people also resort to power washing to clean their rooftops, driveways, patios, walkways, and the rest of the home’s exterior.

The recent developments in exterior washing have led to another environmentally-responsible alternative called soft washing. Soft washing is the new pressure washing that gets rid of buildup on your home’s exterior.

Here are all the frequently asked questions relating to soft washing services. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact Connecticut Exterior Cleaning.

A Little About Soft Washing

Soft washing, as the name suggests, cleans a surface and removes stains and fungus without using pressure that can otherwise damage a property. Soft washing cleaners use low-pressure and biodegradable chemicals to clean the surface.

They also eliminate mold, moss, algae, mildew, dirt, and debris while sanitizing and penetrating the surface for excellent results.

FAQs About Soft Washing Services

Here are some of the top FAQs relating to soft washing services:

FAQ: What Type of Surfaces Can Soft Wash?

Soft washing uses special solutions and low pressure to clean any surface; you can use pretty much use it on any exterior surface. The common surfaces that can be cleaned with soft washing services include vinyl, concrete, stone, stucco, wood, brick, shingles, fences, decks, and siding.

You can also use soft washing on deck, fence, and roof surfaces. It’s a great tool to remove any dust, bacteria, and mildew buildup on the exterior without leaving any residue or causing potential damage.

FAQ: How is Soft Washing Different From Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing uses harsh chemicals and high hose pressure to clean surfaces. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses biodegradable solutions and low pressure to make it safer for your property, pets, plants, and you.

FAQ: Can Soft Washing Get Rid of Oil Stains?

No, soft washing cannot get rid of oil stains. Experts recommend a chemical pressure washing service to remove oil stains in your garage or driveway. However, soft washing can remove most of the other stains.

FAQ: Can I Soft Wash All Exterior Surfaces?

Yes. Soft washing services can be used for all exterior surfaces, including patios, walls, pathways, and steps. Since these surfaces wear out due to weather conditions, they have the same non-organic staining and organic growth. So the chemicals used in soft wash work similarly for all types of surfaces.

However, the process can be different for flat surfaces compared to walls.

FAQ: Can I Soft Wash My Roof?

Soft washing is a safe option for most roofs. That said, it’s necessary to consult a professional in your area before the project. Exterior cleaning experts like Connecticut Exterior Cleaning will inform you whether your roof can be soft-washed. They also take preventative measures to protect the structural integrity of your roof so it can withstand seasonal changes.

FAQ: Can I Soft Wash Residential and Commercial Property?

Yes, both residential and commercial properties can be soft-washed. Though the extent of stains may differ for both types of properties, the application process is the same for commercial and residential properties.

FAQ: Can Soft Washing Get Rid of Organic Growth?

Yes, soft washing uses special chemicals to remove organic growth. It can kill mildew, moss, algae, and mold. It also prevents regrowth by killing the re-sporing of algae and insects.

FAQ: Is Soft Washing Less Damage?

Yes, soft washing cleaning systems are less damaging to your property’s exterior because they use low pressure and a blend of biodegradable chemical solutions. Soft washing is, therefore, gentle on exterior surfaces.

The chemical removes stains but doesn’t cause property damage. It also uses less water which can otherwise lead to cracks and major problems down the road.

FAQ: Does Soft Washing Leave Chemical Residue?

No, soft washing services don’t leave any chemical residue because it thoroughly rinses off all the chemicals. The last phase of soft washing ensures that the chemical mix is washed away once it removes organic growth and penetrates non-organic discoloration.

FAQ: Is Soft Washing Eco-Friendly?

Yes, soft washing was introduced as an alternative to pressure washing. It uses less water than traditional power washing, meaning less energy consumption during the process. The chemicals are also biodegradable and water-based, so there’s no problem with disposal.

FAQ: Can Soft Washing Ensure Long-Term Cleaning?

Yes. The soft washing cleaning system is effective when it comes to leaving a surface clean for a long time. Additionally, it doesn’t allow the regrowth of organic buildup, which is the main reason behind discoloration. Soft washing can improve the overall appearance of your home’s exterior in the long run.

FAQ: Can I Soft Wash An Older Building?

Soft washing is an ideal solution for cleaning the exterior of an older building. This low-pressure and eco-friendly cleaning system is perfect for protecting these buildings’ architectural integrity. Soft washing can treat cracked render, loose pebble dash, and eroded surfaces, leaving them clean without any further damage.

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