You might be wondering how to choose the right socks and gloves for those cold and snowy days, right? After all, there are so many options for models, composition, styles and features! We encourage you to read the tips  prepared in this post and choose the best thermal socks for women and gloves options for your winter moments.

If you are thinking of purchasing the products for your next winter trip, the first question to ask yourself is what the destination, temperature and weather forecast, in addition to the other experiences of the trip. For example, more urban tours do not require as much care in the selection of accessories as compared to a full day of exposure to the cold and snow in a mountain region.

Another aspect that should be taken into consideration when making your decision, especially when we’re talking about woolen socks womens, is the rest of the items that will make up the look on the days of your trips. If you choose, for example, boots with natural wool lining or thermal lining, which already guarantee great efficiency when it comes to thermal protection of the feet, it is not necessary to worry too much about the heating provided by the socks. But, ignore this information if you have any health problems or are very sensitive to cold! In this case, you can’t be too careful and supplementing the heating is never a bad idea, is it?

Winter accessories keep us warm

This is the main function of accessories and should always be prioritized, whatever your destination or tour conditions! The most important thing is that the heating is maintained throughout the day, so the right socks and gloves for winter must offer thermal comfort to your feet and hands, also ensuring breathability so that sweat is dispersed and heat maintained.

Heating is often hampered as sweat is maintained and, in this way, the cooling of the place as well. Want an example? Just remember those cotton socks of yours that seem cooler than warm to your feet! This is real and it happens because they simply absorb all the sweat, making any and all attempts to warm up the feet ineffective.

How to choose the right socks?

A common mistake that many people make is believing that the thicker the ladies woolen socks online, the better and more efficient the heating of the product. It is necessary to be very careful, as what will really make the difference, as we have already said, is the material used and not the thickness of the product, although there are also great options for thicker socks that heat up very efficiently!

In this case, you must pay attention to the composition of the product, prefer products developed with intelligent fabrics and capable of keeping the heat of the feet and hands, such as Wool, Fleece, Thermo Premium and other technological materials developed especially for these moments. When we are talking about gloves, it is not necessary that the entire product is developed with these materials, but it is important that the lining has these characteristics, that is, the material that is in contact with the skin must ensure that maximum heat is maintained on site.