For a casino game’s diehard fan, it is hard to decide slot machine or video poker. Choosing this or that is always a hard task for a player who is passionate about both games at the same rate. Now you do not have to cry over the fact that you’re unable to play slot machine and video poker at the same time. This has been solved by the invention of spin poker.

Play spin poker, the combination of slot machine and video poker 

Spin poker has a twist of the slot game and video poker. It is a cross between triple play video poker and a five-reel video slot game. A three in one joker gaming โจ๊กเกอร์เกม that brings the excitement of both slot machine and poker game.

Rules and regulations for the spin poker game

Spin poker is played on a video screen. The screen comprises of 5 vertical columns and 3 horizontal rows, thus making 15 positions.

  • Once the game is started and the bet is made, the player gets the five-card from the 52-card deck. 
  • The player can keep or discard the card as per his will.
  • Any card that is held by a player will be replicated in the top and bottom row, in the same column.
  • And when the player presses the deal button, the remaining 47 cards out of 52 cards from the deck will fill the empty square on their own.
  • Plyer will get the reward according to each active payline value.

Demerits of spin poker

It is great fun to enjoy multiple games tastes in a single game. That is why it comes with a downsides and player needs to compromise full-fledged slot machine and video poker characteristics.

  • Single pay video poker game has more paytables as compared to spin poker. In this regard, spin poker is less generous or less facilitated with pay tables.
  • Sometimes winning results do not match with the original wager because all the lines you wagered on will not produce the winning shots. Thus a small winning result is another downside.
  • On jack or better games, you may not get able to find the preferred payouts like 9:1 for a full house and 6:1 for a flush.

Merits of spin poker

  • The interesting thing about spin poker is its playing strategy that is quite similar to the original game. So the player does not need to make an effort to memorize the strategy from the start. If you are familiar with video poker and slot machine, you are good to go.
  • In spin poker format, you will encounter the different video poker games like jacks or better, bonus poker, double bonus, and joker poker, etc. You can click the “more games” option on the spin poker machine and can go through the list of all games available.

Moreover, different versions of spin poker are also available in casinos, triple spin poker, dream card spin poker, and spin poker deluxe. It is the expansion of poker games from 9 lines to 20 lines.